#Morphe-KOP ETC

OK the thunder just started rolling in Philadelphia and I personally had an awesome day. My day started out thinking about Beth Chapman and knowing that today is one of her “going home“ celebrations of life, the first one is taking place in Hawaii and it’s a place I’ve never been but thanks to television I have gotten to see many places of the island etc. same goes for the beautiful state of Colorado which is her second home which is her home state anyway God bless you Beth – may you watch over your family and friends and Rest In Peace. when I posted my photo this morning I had zero clue that I would come home from the mall with a bag full of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. That’s right bitches, I went to the King of Prussia Mall and I was pleasantly surprised by the soft opening of Morphe. My price was obscene but I am very happy because I was able to get everything on my wish list. There are many things that I did not yet but that only means I have more tired thank about what else I should add to my arsenal. I am very blessed to have an awesome family and the resource is ideal. Today will not be the last day I go into the location – just the last time I go shopping and spend obscene totals. Now I’m going to spend the remainder of my evening with my kids and waiting out the weather. In other news, I’m waiting for the delivery of the mini breaker and my other concealer from the Jawbreaker Collection. In the way of my yarn inventory, I have half a dozen CandyShop yarn cakes. PremierYarns recently had a sale on these amazing products which I ordered a few of the flavors I didn’t have. Definitely, I have some organization to do in my room & in the basement. As for the outdoor living space, I have a few more things that I would like but the extra building is 99% out of the realm of necessity. So until I have any other pertinent information to share with y’all, I am going to hang it up for the evening and just as a sidenote if you see anything with the likeness of Beth Chapman being sold in any souvenir form and I hate to use the word souvenir during this time but I just saw something on Twitter about unofficial merchandise being sold so if it does not come from the bounty store -You are being mislead.

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