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Morphe Extentions

Good afternoon everybody, just sitting here watching #MTV, Thinking about everything that is going on this weekend-Hurricane Jeffree was absolutely amazing and even though I did not get to see him in the flesh/in person, it’s just energizing that I was in the same room with him same building as him-today has been very interesting just because I finally picked up the sister palette do you the grand prize freebie palette that I was gifted on Saturday. I know that I got at least $65 worth of free stuff which jumps started my #MorpheBrushes Grand collection-not saying that I’m going to get everything under the sun but I am going to get certain items for sure just like I’m going to add every collection I have. So on Saturday, as I’ve written in my blogs recently-I was gifted the 25D so I, of course, had to go get 25C-she is absolutely gorgeous and I look forward to using her on the regular. I know it’s a lot of browns and neutrals but they are the essential colors necessary. When I was in the store today, I got some information not only about #JamesCharles palette alternatives but also the man-Jeffree Lynn Star. So contrary to rumors, the man stayed in Philadelphia night at the Valley Forge casino-in fact he stayed at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia which was what my mom’s gas was-I have not been inside that particular hotel-but I have been to the Ritz Carlton in the US Virgin Islands. After I finished at the mall, I went grocery shopping and was witness to an auto accident-just a minor fender bender scrape the bumper kind of thing. As a witness to an accident, I offered to stay on location if they wanted to call the police-of course she did but decided to cancel the call to report when apparently she thought the police were going to take too long. As we were leaving-a cruiser popped up behind us so obviously, it was too late to cancel. Anyway, the drivers exchanged insurance information and I did not need to stay anymore. The Jeffree Star/ Kat Von D Controversy is still confusing to me. Something tells me deep down that it’s a battle of the brands and there’s just smack talk because they can. Honestly, I have more #JSC than I do #KVD. And it’s probably going to stay that way because I love the formulas. So when I love a formula-I’m not gonna switch around. Anyway, I’m going to sign off and go get working on my knitting project. Thank you for reading as always.


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