UMPR X Chakra + Yoga

OK, so I just got home from my first yoga class-I signed up the other day for a chakra workshop, It turns out that there is yoga involved in working with your chakras. As someone who is “disabled“ I did not believe in myself enough that yoga was possible in my life until now-it is great meditation it is wonderful disconnection from the real world-I am off my phone when I am working with my chakras etc.-I have always been into meditation and aromatherapy but more seriously since 2017 or 2016 in fact so now as a practicing Neurodivergent witch, I am finding that yoga could now become a part of my regular life. In the first of four classes, we learned about the first two lower-level chakras. The lower chakra is called the root chakra – The root is red, Mind/body systems:-survival instinct, sexual glands, cleansing/purging the body, relationship with self-the locks can cause: sexual dysfunction, lack of enjoyment in life and also depression or feeling ungrounded. Just as a reference note I am getting this information from my book for this blog post. From one of my favorite books that I own #TheGoodWitchGuide authored by my Instagram friend Shawn Robbins. Between the Meditation session from the root chakra and the sacral chakra, There was a little bit of yoga and like I said above I had never done yoga before intentionally. It was very very relaxing obviously. The second chakra we worked of course was the sacral chakra which is signified by the color orange which is working our way up the body. In fact in the book, it is located at the Naval/Billy. In mind/body systems that are affected by the sacral chakra OR the kidneys, the intestines, the lower digestive system, the spleen and the pancreas also relationships with others. Any blockages of the sacral chakra can cause ulcers, mood swings and digestive issues also the inability to communicate with others and the inability to trust one’s instinct. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a blockage in my sacral chakra because I’ve always been able to trust my instincts but I have definitely had problems with being able to communicate with others regular basis etc. then again sometimes I think maybe I have a good ability to communicate with others it’s just finding the people I wanna communicate with. Anyway I think next week is going to be the solar plexus chakra which is the yellow chakra. According to the good book, the solar plexus chakra is right below the diaphragm muscle it takes care of metabolism, stomach in the liver and gallbladder along with the adrenal glands, muscular system and sense of willpower. If it is blocked you have power control issues addiction, emotional instability and in balance is in the adrenal glands-I know I have a shopping addiction and I don’t fully know if the witchcraft is going to kill that or not I know that my witchcraft has killed the anxiety for the most part. And FYI the Eagles just killed the Jets with a score of Philadelphia 31, East Rutherford, New York 6. The reason I said East Rutherford New York and yes I know it is east Rutherford New Jersey because I have a past in East Rutherford New Jersey-that is for another blog or together anyway The New York Jets play at the meadowlands which is in East Rutherford New Jersey and by the way speaking of New Jersey Martin Truex JR just won stage two of today’s race which I’ve barely watched an iota of because I’ve been busy busy busy. Anyhow after the solar plexus chakra which is yellow, we have the heart chakra which is the green gemstone-anyway that is the sternum, Which focuses on the heart and the circulatory system, skin, immune system and the diamonds land. Also bridge between the highest and lowest selves it brings unconditional and divine love-if it is blocked you will have circulatory disorders and lower immune responses along with inability to form loving relationships and inability to express emotions and ability to trust others and a sense of shame. FYI I have had a major trust issue with others but I trust myself completely so it will be interesting to see how my heart chakra works itself out in the coming weeks. Lord only knows about the throat chakra and me because it is the book records/voice box-it is the best Victoria system the MiraLAX and the consult, the thyroid also expressions of thought and emotions, spiritual and second hearing. This one has my name on it also because blocks can cause panic attacks, hyperventilation an asthma attacks and over activity or lethargy and also the long-standing communication issues. That one is also gonna be another one that I am very excited about working on because we all know that I have always had breathing issues etc. I may or may not have asthma. The next chakra in the lineup is your third eye chakra which is slightly above and between the eyes which is obviously the center of the floor head. Mind and body systems would be the penile gland‘s, cite in the nervous system along with psychic spirit and spirit site. I’m going to enjoy this one just for the hell of it but if you have blocks on the third eye, you will have issues with nervous disorders, migraine headaches and the inability to see the truth about your life in other words if you’re living in another world and you don’t want to be honest with yourself about what’s going on. Last but not least is the crown chakra which is located at the top of your noggin. The mind andBody system would be the pituitary gland, hormones, immune system and higher consciousness and the direct spirit connection of the divine. If you have a box of that one you’re going to have hormonal imbalance, lack of connection to yourself or the lack of sense of meaning in life sense of abandonment on the gods and spirits . Well hot dog that is all of your chakras and I’m looking forward to the next courses of yoga and chakra workshop because it’s reaffirming information or it’s giving me new information. If you’re wondering about jewelry and your chakras-each color gemstone represents something or signifies a certain chakra. So we have the root chakra equals red/red jasper or Garnet-The sacral chakra is orange, the stone is either Sunstone or carnelian. With the solar plexus chakra the color is yellow and your stone would be either citrine or Tigers eye. Your heart chakra is represented by green with the stone of aquamarine or emerald. With the throat chakra it is blue with a lapis lazuli I think the third eye chakras are my favorite because it is purple or indigo with stones of amethyst or charoite. Last but not least definitely not least is your crown chakra also represented by purple or white and the stone is either clear quartz, opal or diamond. So with that, all said I’m going to finish the other blog and get it posted then I’m going to get some knitting finished because that is one of my meditations. I will be updating my chakra workshop classes as they happen but I don’t know if I’m going to be this much of it as the update. And by the way, the weather in Philadelphia is once again chilly and dreary.

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