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Rick Hendrick wants Jeff Gordon ‘in my place’ when he steps away – NASCAR Talk

Rick Hendrick told Autoweek “Whenever I finally step away, it’ll be Jeff Gordon in my place.”
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Sunday Night 

Okay so I’m writing this before I go to sleep and I have had many things going through my mind because of everything happening in life. I’ve deleted things and people from my life and also added some things. Overall it’s a tedious process of rearrangement I have many feelings about the things going on in the world outside of my daily routine of interest but today I was thinking about something that I’ve kept up with for over half my life and that is both MTV and my fascination with law enforcement and the medical profession/first responders. I have always been a fan of all  first responders and medical professionals who have been educating me from my home since I was 11. From the age of 11 I’ve been watching MTV. Will can I say other then I’m a junkie. I have my thoughts on the current programs and don’t worry there will be specific entries coming out about the show Teen Mom; for the most part I love all of the ladies. I’m too tired to go into detail about each situation. Anyhow I did watch the NASCAR race today and I’m certainly not pleased with the winner or the runner up because I don’t like either driver. I don’t appreciate the fact that the Ward Family is attempting to extort money from Tony Stewart by suing him for wrongful death because of the action Kevin jr took while he was under the influence of marijuana. There’s no amount of money that could change the fact that this isn’t Tony’s fault. So I’m ending my night with a little bit of networking and maybe even meditation which for me is just relaxing in the darkness. Sending love and blessings to all until next time. 

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#DC500 @nascar

Had a lovely evening watching InvestigationDiscovery while keeping an eye on twitter for not only breaking news but also NASCAR which went fairly well and w/o many snafus. Loved the NascarTaco w/Michael Waltrip + Denny Hamlin. Very happy that all of my drivers placed in the top 10. Not thrilled with Jimmie or Jeff.