Tuesday’s Rambling

So I’m sitting here watching television after a long day, did a lot of yoga balance and get some knitting and somehow I have learned how to combine the two which I was told I could not do but my core strength seems to be getting better and better each day. I am very happy that I am able to work out at home, I can spend more time with the family I can spend more time in my own environment I can spend more time self educating. I do enjoy going out and about and getting cardio in windowshopping but my wallet isn’t too app you these days in fact right now it has some questions about some transactions. But with regard to my yoga balance, it is very convenient to be able to get up in the morning get a cuppa coffee and hop on the boat for a few hours sometimes just a few minutes-today I think I spent a total of maybe two hours on the ball. I know I’ve made a lot of shortcuts edits for a quick text. I have been avoiding blogging some articles because I am rather pissed off with what’s going on in Washington extremely pissed off about what the Democrats are trying to do to our republican president. It’s going to take what 64 to 69 boats to impeach Mr. Donald Trump. God help us because with any Democratic leader ship , This country will go down the toilet farther than it’s gone thanks to Mr. Obama. I know I have counted my homeschooling self education before but today I actually made a comment on Facebook regarding my high school. I do remember my high school days but I also affect that I wasn’t very keen on education on doing exactly what was going to make iamb more a “homeschooled” versus educational system taught. Now I know why I was better at teaching myself or sponge learning on my own. It was because of my autism, it made life difficult both socially and educationally. I did not know it at the time that I had autism I know now that I was miss diagnosed with attention deficit disorder but then back in the 70s, it was not a diagnosis That was very widespread shall we say. Yes sometimes I wish my autism was recognized earlier because I think I would’ve done better and many other departments of life. I did not know it at the time but I was being bullied I was being left out of things. I am still being left out of things but no I recognize that I am being left out. But I do have some friends. More online and off-line yes that bothers me sometimes. I do get frustrated that I don’t have social her togethers. I was thinking about my witchcraft and my witchy groups. Yes I have a few online. But what I want them off-line? Yes but maybe no. With my electronic coven, we have this camaraderie, we have this kindred spirit kindred interests. I don’t know if I would be social enough to enjoy real life coven In that regard I’m very happy that I have electronica outlets I do. When people say that I decided to be a witch, that bothers me sometimes because I didn’t decide anything in my life it was all predetermined in my mind I just look at my witchcraft discovery as just that discovering I am a witch, discovering that witchcraft helps me with anxiety etc. If I had unlimited funds, oh my god or gods depending what mood I’m in I think I would have a big fat bank account but with that said I am and have been looking at different beauty products and say #DoIReallyNeedThat? I have accumulated a shit ton of make up enough that I can say I don’t need it when new collaborations or color palettes come out. But when you look at my witchcraft list of things I “need” I thinkthe list is longer because I haven’t gotten everything on the “necessities witch list”    but before I go on and ramble like a crazy witch I am going to sign off for the evening and I will be back tomorrow. Love and blessings, good night or good morning or good afternoon depending on when you’re reading this but above all thank you for putting up with my crazy. 

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