Sunday Scribble

Another blessed day of positive energy but I wanted to just get rid of some angst and toxics on my mind. Lately, I have definitely enjoyed my witchcraft group immensely but there has been a holeshot into the fabric. One of our leaders is currently missing in action-she is living in Australia from Australia and she has been missing since December 12. Nobody has heard from her she has not been posting in the group nor has she been responsive to direct message. I have heard rumors that one of the other group members has contact with her but not exactly being forthcoming about certain things and that bothers me because I don’t trust people who are not transparent. When I say she is not being transparent it means that she hasn’t necessarily told everything that she knows and I know there’s something beyond going on.  Before anyone gets on my back about posting this type of entry, I’m only doing it because it is been weighing on my mind a lot. It bothers me that there are people who have surfaced since this administration member has been missing because those people were non-interactive in the group before whether they have been in the group before or not I don’t know if all certain profiles are being run by the same individual my gut tells me it’s a very good possibility. If that is the case it’s going to disappoint a lot of our coven. Yes, I said coven because I believe that this group is a sister and brotherhood just like a coven is. And no I don’t have the wherewithal to join a ground coven. When I say ground coven I mean A local coven because I feel that I would not be as participatory as I actually am in this electronic coven. Now regarding yesterday, I had a blast, Definitely good to hang out with friends who I’ve known forever who I don’t have to explain anything to -. It’s great to have friends like that. Sometimes I wish I had more people that I could talk to in person. Anyhow, I’m exhausted from a very long day that started way too early thanks to an annoyance. So 1.5 blender bottles of coffee later I am sitting on the couch watching the CopsTv marathon which is the norm for every weekend. On the way home from exercise at the mall, we saw a single-vehicle rollover accident which might have been an ejection injury but I am uncertain. It’s the kind of thing that is on CopsTv or LivePD. The rest of my day was spent knitting and exercising but for some reason, I’ve been really hungry for the naughty carbs today so I’m postponing some things till later in the week. With regard to the entire Iran Iraq, 2020 bullshit-I am frustrated with things I cannot do anything about no matter if I do my meditation or not and honestly if I could turn back time to the 90s I really would even though it was a time we did not have social media if we could have social media and people be accepting of each other as human beings regardless of their gender orientation religion ethnicity the world will be a much happier place and with regard to politics we have Democrat we have Republican we need a third-party seriously because now we have Democrats are trying to kill the Republicans and vice versa and we used to have moderate Republican moderate Democrat in between Democrat and Republican. They need to start recognizing the independent party. Anyhow, yesterday  I got breakfast at Dunkin’ Donuts, got 12 donut holes and beyond sausage sandwich. Definitely good definitely like beyond sausage. With regard to football-oh my Lord, the New England Patriots are done for thanks to the Tennessee Titans and whether or not my Philadelphia Eagles win or lose, I still love them. With regard to my knitting, I am working three projects, the rainbow blanket, the lemon berry sweet roll blanket and 

The hello gorgeous scarf. With regard to my work out/home gym-yes, I am very happy, I am happy because I can work out in my own home with my own equipment. With all of those things said today is the 16th angel anniversary of the passing of Tug McGraw. I have mentioned before that I was fortunate enough to have met him when visited Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia back in the ’80s. Consequently, I do not remember anything about the meeting. In closing tomorrow’s 40th week since the untimely passage of Luke Perry which is heartbreaking. The fact that we lost him in the first place is mind-blowing.  As we say good night we say prayers for Australia and our US Military all over the world. 

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