Tuesday Rambling

Hello and welcome to a very long winded entry because I have not done one in a while even though I have had the intention I have not followed through. Lately life has been chaos but an organized chaos and I wanted to take a few minutes to unload my brain because I wanted to go into the month of March with a clear head. Today is the birthday of Jon Bon Jovi and on Wednesday will be the one-year anniversary of the end only death of Luke Perry. It is definitely difficult to believe that he is gone from the earth but we still love him and definitely miss him-also with the reoccurrence of cancer hitting Shannen Doherty as a stage 4, it is very disheartening to see what’s playing out in the real world versus scripted television from the 1990s. Also with the coronavirus spreading outside of China and having deaths within America and popping up in other places I read some thing this morning where it’s spreading more outside of China now. With me personally I’m not concerned yet about it being in my hometown-I’m more concerned about the local crime and the bullshit coming out of Philadelphia when they want to put the King of Prussia rail system in if in the other night there was a murder at my gym and the local government seems to believe that having a real system will make King of Prussia a better place – I don’t want to Live in a crime ridden area and that is exactly what is going to happen if they bring that rail system through not only that but it will disrupt many many residents. As I sit here outside with my incense, it’s a beautiful day and unfortunate to be where I am-I may not like the politics in my residential area in my Township but I am blessed to live where everything I need is within walking or driving distance. this month I have done maybe two or three yarn shopping expeditions in person or online which is good I also have increased my metaphysical inventory I have stocked up on incense with cones and sticks. I am thinking about getting one more yarn stock up but uncertain right now. There is so much yarn that I would love to add to the inventory. Keep thinking that if I could live in a hotel with unlimited access to yarn and metaphysical items, I would be very happy. If not a hotel, I would be happy to live in a semi off the grid situation where I have access to wifi, yarn, and metaphysical items along with unlimited coffee. OK so I’m sitting outside with my mellow mood and thinking about the past couple days still have the same feelings except now we have add a deadly tornado in Nashville Tennessee and I am also starting to get worried about the coronavirus because that’s just me and my anxiety I know that but this bitch is spreading like a California wildfire. Speaking of California tomorrow is the one-year angel anniversary of our good buddy Luke Perry. In any event, I just got home from dinner and I just started another project on my needles which I have an issue with the current yarn, The pooling yarn is not really very adaptive to its name because no matter which needles you use it on no matter which gauge and no matter what tension it is not pulling it is alternating color on the roads it’s not consistent. So while I love the yarn it is not “pooling yarn“. More about coronavirus, it’s starting to pop up in the states and to be completely honest, I am not sure how to feel. I am concerned about it I am more concerned about the Democrats trying to kill my country because if we do not vote res then America could be dead. Looking at yarn is definitely troublesome because I could empty my bank account in a few clicks. I am really impressed with how much beautiful yarn is available in medium weight especially from Lion Brand and Premier Yarns. And in closing I have not forgotten about Luke’s untimely death. Good Night sweet prince.

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