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Heart attack raises questions about Sanders’ campaign | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ admission that he had suffered a heart attack three days earlier invited new scrutiny of the presidential candidate.
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Crazy Rambles

Good Afternoon and blessings to all who are reading this and or following my website. Thank you to my new followers who have joined the fan group since I came out as a NeurodivergentWitch. Lately, I have been doing a lot of meditation, etc – as my journey continues to grow, my library of books and files mount. I have favorite authors and people who study the teachings of both on and offline. I got to do a little window shopping and photo-taking at one of my favorite stores in the mall. Spencers is one hell of an eclectic venue. The variety of different items is amazing. Everything from adult toys and clothing all the way to a small metaphysical department which is plentiful in product. Everything from incense to magickal handbooks. I actually bought an info book of shadows just because it was an item on my wish list. Many other things are on my list gotta have. I have a running list of info pages on Pinterest. Anyway ,I took the day to reflect and spend with the hound etc. I currently am relaxing on the sofa with you sleeping dogs and my herbal tea which I am very happy to make note that we made a massive order this morning. Celestial Seasonings is absolutely fucking amazing. I love the half and half black tea/lemonade also the Mandarin orange herbal tea etc. etc. I signed up for the newsletter. Electronic newsletter. When you purchase online from Celestial Seasonings is Free shipping on your order when you spend$49 or more and I am not a spokesperson or an ambassador I’m just a fan who likes to share information on products that I love and use-I think I’ve made that disclaimer before. With the cold weather, it is more and more tempting to take midday naps. And I just got a delivery notice from Amazon. So I will be finishing this blog in a few shakes of a lamb’s tail when I inspect my new products my new witchy haul is in my mailbox. So I got my books I got my keychain I put my key on the keychain and I put the rest of the books I want #ForNow, In my Amazon cart. I am becoming addicted as I told Shawn about her books-Of course I have to get the entire series I can’t just get a few – it’s like a make up collection you can have just one piece of the collection you have to have the entire set. As I was browsing Google, I saw a lot of articles about Jack Perry and also Beverly Hills 90210, of course they are linked by Jack’s father #LukePerry. It’s heartbreaking and amazing that it’s been seven months, When I say amazing I don’t mean it in a good way amazingly shocking that there is life after Coy Luther Perry III. Please don’t take that wrong because I have been a fan of his since I was 12 years old. I am not trying to draw the light away from his family and other people around him, I’m just bringing attention to the fact that he meant something in my life. Last night I mentioned something on Facebook about if I ever left #UpperMerionTownship- I would be going to either South Carolina or Florida-because? My life began in South Carolina and there’s just something about out Pasco county Florida aside from the fact that it is very close to Puerto Rico/the US Virgin Islands which if I want you to spend $9 a gallon for milk I would go back to the islands but I don’t wanna spend $9 a gallon for anything-The same thing about expensive as fuck milk can be said for Hawaii as well. OK so it’s the next day, I am walking the mall which I have been doing the past few days just because-there have been some things that I have felt necessary to do via cardio and I don’t really like walking at the gym. Besides I have a home gym if I want to lift. I looked through articles possibly to publish this morning and it was a no go because there’s too much crap that I don’t wanna deal with regard to politics and also celebrity that I just don’t wanna deal with-it’s all fucking repetitive and that’s not good for me. I am looking forward to the chakra class even though it is on a race day for the next four weeks-did I think about this before I signed up #HellNo. Speaking of NASCAR, Martin is starting third today in Dover which I’m going to be kicking myself for not being able to watch but thank God for Twitter Facebook etc. because I will know what’s going on. I got my books yesterday-I know I said that earlier in the post but I’m excited also I’m looking forward to adding more books to the arsenal/bookshelf. Mom and I were discussing this morning about relationship. How we are both happy being single and even though we miss having people in our lives sometimes for the most part it is much more chill without having to bend over backwards for someone else. For a slight moment I forgot that it was Sunday and the stores are not open until 11 AM so here I sit on a chair outside of L.L. Bean dictating the remainder of this entry. Lately I have been thinking about what life would be like possibly if I did not live where I do I’ve been I know the chances of leaving my hometown on a permanent basis are very very very slim which means I am going to just make myself content even if I am not. I am getting that travel button again just because I’m not happy with the politics in my jurisdiction. I hate the fact that we have Democrats tearing up my hometown, I hate that we have Democrats trying to destroy the president-I really hate that there is a war on law-enforcement and first responders in general, I do not like the people come to my country illegally, I do not like the people who are already here who have not bothered to become legal citizens. I do not like the politicians who think it’s OK to put immigrants before the American citizen. I have a lot of things that I wish were different in life but I cannot change and when you vote in the elections, you can’t even guarantee that’s going to be done properly and that’s disgusting. I did realize something else though this morning that with regard to my relationships, I don’t worry about the fact that my wonderful dad is no longer with us because it does not dictate my life anymore as much as it did a few moons ago. I know in my heart that he is with me I know every day that he is with me through my spirituality through my witchcraft etc. and I know not everybody is privy and excepting of witchcraft and that’s fine because it’s not for everyone I’ve been it doesn’t work for everyone but I am very blessed by God who I believe put me on this path to my rediscovery in witchcraft. Funny that I’m sitting outside #WeAreHappyPlace, after yesterday‘s rant on Twitter will be a brief I tweeted out that they are invasive of privacy which they are they don’t need to know “why did you come to the mall“ as mom said, “to shop duh” and I think I’m going to post that again because I really don’t like when people are trained to hawk over ya. I think that is why many people are shopping online in a lot of different genres because we don’t get bogged down by employees of brick and mortar who wanna be nosy little bitches. I’m noticing a lot of people are coming to the mall early thinking it’s open at 10 AM on Sundays-no dear it’s not. And the people that let their children wear pajamas or the people that wear their pajamas to the mall or their sweat pants- yes I’m guilty I only did it once though because it was my day off and I didn’t really want to get dressed in jeans etc.-I actually give a shit what I look like in public nine times out of 10 and I will get dressed with make up etc. I am making this into a rant and that’s fine because I have not gotten one in a while. I totally agree with what just came across the screen on Twitter about #NotSupporting #SanctuaryCities. I don’t support them either I don’t think they should be allowed in my country I don’t think that America needs to be adapting to other people who choose to come here whether it be legally or not. I think That the person needs to conform or adapt to our way of life because if you came to my country, you came to improve your situation not make it like your homeland-my country ain’t turning into that shit so help me God. Speaking of God – I was told that Christian witchcraft for Christian w that the person needs to conform or adapt to our way of life because if you came to my country, you came to improve your situation not make it like your homeland-my country ain’t turning into that shit so help me God. Speaking of God-I was told that Christian witchcraft / Christian witches are not possible-hey bitch, I’m a question and I practice witchcraft so fuck what you believe or once thought because it is possible. But on the other hand, you are allowed to believe what you want to believe that’s the beauty of America but some of us should have to practice in private and not scream it to the world where it is unnecessary. With that being said I am going to log out and work on more meditation maybe a little home yoga, who the hell knows but I am a happy camper. God bless and blessed be everyone who reads this.

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Amputated Bug Legs

So with #LittleBitches being done I am now moving onto the next bugaboo in my life which is not really of a bugaboo it’s more like another chapter to #LittleBitches, #AmputatedBugLegs, This morning when I was doing the dishes I snapped the legs of a waterbug or Millipede, with that being said I went to the gym I did my business, I went to #UltaBeauty and got my business accomplished which was to do my cardio and get some pictures etc. do some reviews more like promotions but I did and then I went to REI because there were some high school/college age adolescence at the beauty shop which was somehow annoying my senses so I removed myself from the situation and actually to be completely honest they were the inspiration for the title #LittleBitches. I realized at dinner time tonight/this afternoon, that my moods fluctuate depending on the Barometer so these mental aliens that I’ve been experiencing very well could be the result of a fucked-up barometer. Also I’ve been witnessing my 14-year-old slowly go downhill, she is still here she is still energized but it takes her longer to do certain things and I know with hounds or with any breed of dog, it can sometimes be #TheLongGoodbye- not something that I want to experience this year or next or even the year after that but unfortunately I know one of these years it will happen, unfortunately our canine companions cannot live forever. Anyhow since I’ve published #LittleBitches, my mood has gotten better I don’t know if the barometer is gotten better or not but I know that is one of the causes of my mood swings-I’m sitting here with my knitting project on my lap and #LivePD On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming #LivePD #WeekendTV. On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming to #LivePD #WeekendTV I do not know why exactly but I’ve been knocked off my Instagram several times within the past few days all of them at one point or another I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Instagram/Facebook bullshit but I’m tired of it-I’ve been publishing on #FacebookPages more than regular Facebook lately because I’m trying to avoid drama whether it be catfights political bullshit or just stuff I don’t want to subject myself to. Living in the dog room with my kids is a sacrifice that I know that isn’t going to be forever but having an elderly dog does have its own stresses I’m wondering if that is also part of the problem knowing that her life isn’t forever-the constant backache the constant muscle issues etc. not having full privacy is a constant problem having to adapt my routine because I am living in the public space. Living in a household where one of the adults is unable to recognize that I need my own space sometimes and walking through when I’m trying to sleep or when I’m trying to have my time is really fucking annoying. Not being able to close a bedroom door/take a bath whenever I want to every night-yeah that’s the stresses I’m living with right now. Yes, sometimes I know I talk too much about too many personal things but this is my journal this is my therapy I need to talk about it and get it out or I will go stir crazy like hot oil and popcorn. OK, so next thing is once again thanking my followers and readers for putting up with my bullshit. So with that, all said I am going to log off and work on some knitting which is my meditation.