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Quarantine/Chaos Etc

So it’s supposed to rain today which means I’m not going anywhere because #KOPMall #IndoorExercise #RetailTherapy is still not available and I understand we need to #FlattenTheCurve, But at the same time we are flatlining peoples livelihoods. We are protecting the people in most cases but we are not protecting their livelihood because they cannot go back to work. Without the stores reopening the “nonessential stores“ we are killing the economy. The only sport that is able to come back is #NASCAR because every other sport is “contact support“ I understand the “quarantine order“ “stay at home order“ #StayAtHomeChallenge but for the love of everything sane and mental health we need to bring back our economy we need to bring back everybody’s livelihood who is stuck at home with no paycheck because they are unable to go to work-not all jobs can be done remotely. All the big box stores are open with curbside pick up restaurants are open with curbside pick up coffee shops are open with curbside pick up but other places we go on the regular are not open because maybe they cannot do curbside pick up. I don’t remember the last time I went somewhere other than a restaurant or Walmart #GetAmericaBackOnHerFeet. #GetThePeopleBackToWork. OK so I’m going to piggyback off of yesterday’s random Facebook update and continue on with my thoughts. I am kind of disturbed and concerned that people gave #JeffreeStarCosmetics so much attention over the past couple days and I am second that people snatched up his new work in less than 45 minutes and it really makes me see the true colors of this individual who has so much influence over so many that they intentionally overlook his racist and money-hungry attributes may be attributed could be the incorrect word but I don’t care. Over the past few days maybe weeks I have been having some issues with my mental health when it comes to anxiety and stress that I have been overeating and put on a few pounds so I’m not very happy. I feel disgusting I feel like this stay at home mandate is disruptive it is ruining people it is saving lives but killing livelihoods and businesses. I really miss seeing my friends in person I miss shopping for regular items that people think are nonessential. But this morning I decided to work out and I’m going to do that again when I get home. So last night was very interesting, we were just about to get some sleep when we heard numerous explosions which turned out to be fireworks at the end of the street and they took place after the noise ordinance time. I posted on next-door & numerous other neighbors replied to my comment/post and I know it’s ridiculous to be a nosy neighbor but sometimes it’s just warranted when it comes to public safety. Today overall was a good day because I feel more energized and the countdown to shifting into yellow is insight. I have been working on my knitting and I have been reading my crafting books long with watching my Instagram trying to get back into my spiritual head – as of yesterday I have been studying for nine months. Reconnecting to the other world/realm came in with a bang today because I tried to call my mom using Siri’s voice and it tried to call my dad twice who has been on the other side for 12 years but his 79th birthday is on Tuesday. Smack in the face in my angels. Anyhow I’m looking forward to another wonderful NASCAR event tonight and continuing with my knitting and relaxing so I will check back in with y’all at another time.


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