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EXCLUSIVE: Body Of Missing 26-Year-Old Casey Johnston Recovered, Believed To Have Been Killed In Crash, Authorities Say – CBS Philly

EXCLUSIVE: Body Of Missing 26-Year-Old Casey Johnston Recovered, Believed To Have Been Killed In Crash, Authorities Say – CBS Philly
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Life Update July

I have not written a blog in forever but it’s because life took over and I had to go with the flow. Just thought it would be cool to do an update on life. I needed more space in my life and was thinking about getting my own apartment. After looking at prices on everything, I chose to not go anyplace new because even with the politics in my town, I really cannot think of anywhere that has the better grouping of retail. Retail is a pain regardless of where you live but being near one of the biggest shopping centers in the country has it’s benefits. So I am getting help with flipping the basement into a retreat. So far I have the wine cellar flipped into a mini space, but I’m sitting on my new futon sofabed. Yes, I’m still in a great relationship with an amazing man who I can not see life without. Everything with regard to the crazy coronavirus, oh lordy lord, I cannot understand how in the hell a country such as this has selected a “president & vice president” who are actually worse than Donald Trump. Yes, I said worse than Donald Trump. Only four years under “the Donald” but gracious this country has still gone down the hill. I’m clearly finding out where I stand politically- I maybe registered as one party. but I am definitely not straight party or completely agreeing with one party. I am definitely conservative in some places but very liberal in others. I support the LGBTQ+ Community and do not support abortion. I think about all the lives that have been lost to infantcide.. Another thing I want to shed some light on is some illnesses that people do not care about until it’s too late. OK I am now working on the knitting After the thunderstorms and a triple explosion which I did not know if it was the transformers or something else so I ended up calling the police department/fire department and they came to investigate and thankfully it was nothing big. Was is it wasting resources? I really don’t think so because I didn’t know what exploded I heard a triple boom in a triple flashto investigate and thankfully it was nothing big. Why is it wasting resources? I really don’t think so because I didn’t know what exploded I heard a triple boom in a triple flash. I am conversing with someone who I never thought I would be friends with, the daughter of one of the actors from 90210. Not Busey GeoI am conversing with someone who I never thought I would be friends with, the daughter of one of the actors from 90210. I always thought that they did not do Luke Perry justice in the tribute department on the reunion, Riverdale did a much better job of paying tribute to Luke Perry. I don’t know what Tori Spelling was thinking or if she was. since the passing of Luke, there has not been very much Conversation about stroke about colorectal cancer. We all know that Shannen is currently battling cancer. I lost my dad to cancer, and now Joe E Tata is battling has been battling Alzheimer’s disease/illness. there are good days there are bad days and he remembers his career, he has his daughter but his daughter has been kept away from him not by his choice by a conservator that was not even a wife. i’m going to get more information on that before I speak more on the conservator but she is not doing anything positive for Joe or his daughter. The point of me bringing this up is that once the television show has gone once the actors passed away that is when people wonder what the fuck happened to the actors they care about the children may be but what about when the actors and actresses etc. are still alive whether they’re battling illnesses or not it makes me angry that people don’t give a flying fuck until after the fact. I am working on a seperate entry summing up facts and feelings about Beverly Hills 90210 and the health issues going on with main charcters that have pretty much been ignored. In other news, my cave/lounge is coming along well, A lot of memorabilia has come into the cave which is amazing & an amazing work in progress. With regard to the entertainment aspect of my new enviornment, I have a television with dvd player && Roku streaming with multiple subscriptions. I also have Amazon Alexa. Aside from the basement, I am working on many projects – creative projects. Knitting and writing/information distribution . I have decided to post on Instagram and Facebook etc on Beverly Hills 90210 real life. We lost Luke Perry to an ischemic cerebrovascular incident. we know that Shannen Doherty is currently battling breast cancer. what many people don’t know right now is that Joe E Tata is currently almost stage seven Alzheimer’s disease. And the fans want to know about the health of the people we grew to love over the ten-year span of the series. When we lost Luke, it was RIP, etc. for a week or two and nobody has said squat since! I understand Shannen in wanting privacy during this time but also I think it’s important to raise awareness for diseases that can be preventable unfortunately I find it ironic and scary that her character had a breast cancer scare and now she’s going through it in real life. Back when she was first diagnosed, Luke had a colorectal cancer scare so they went through that together. What’s been said and it’s true is that Shannen came back to do the reboot in honor of Luke in memory of Luke. I don’t think she would’ve come back if it were not for that situation. Speaking of Luke Perry, the tribute that Riverdale did in honor of Luke was 10,000 times better than the tribute two him on the reboot BH 90210. i’m curious now who owns the rights to the name “the peach pit“ because there is apparently a restaurant out there on Melrose named the peach pit and it has the design of the 90210 restaurant. It has memorabilia according to a source and what I wanna know is who owns the rights to the name in reality. furthermore why hasn’t there been a Melrose Place reboot why hasn’t there been a “shooters bar“ restaurant pop-up. Is it because the money was needed by the cast of 90210. The only one I gave a hall pass to Is Shannen because of her cancer.

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 OK so I have been thinking a lot lately about missing people because there’s this young lady from bucks county he’s been missing for over two weeks almost and nobody has heard anything seen anything there been a lot of “wild goose chases” I have flyers on my vehicle about the “missing person alert“ but my question #Why #Where #Who why did she go missing where is she and who knows something who has yet to come forward  ? Did she go missing intentionally or is she injured somewhere and cannot get to it a phone because her phone was found in the morning she disappeared. There are no movements on her credit cards on her bank statements etc. her vehicle has not been found her vehicle has not been seen. I want to know in the back of my mind but I have questions. We know she is not a drug user we know this is uncommon for her to be missing this long. I hate to think that she Intentionally ghosted everybody but when someone is missing this long? Did they do it intentionally. We all know that Elizabeth Smart was missing for nine months and was miraculously found. but when is this possible reality going to set in for this family? as much as people want to find their loved ones it may not be possible and I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer I’m not trying to be pessimistic I’m being realistic.  when does a search for somebody to come over recovery mission? Why hasn’t there been a missing endangered person alert issued? Why isn’t the Pennsylvania state police involved why is this just a jurisdictional situation. Yes I have a lot of questions and I want answers not because I know this person but because I’m a citizen who gives a damn I’m not saying anything happen to her I’m just shooting from the hip on my feelings of this situation so where is Cassandra Johnston and who has information, why haven’t they come forward? 

#WhereIsCaseyJohnston #BringCaseyHome #MissingAdultFemale #MissingPerson #BucksCountyPA #ChinatownPhiladelphia #PhiladelphiaCountyPennsylvania. #MentalHealthAwareness.    Last seen near the entrance of 95 & Vine St on camera footage around 6am on July 10th. She was driving home in her Silver Ford Focus hatchback, licensee plate: KSA8807  Two temple stickers on either side of the license plate.  Casey had her overnight bag with her wallet in her car. She did not have her phone.  

Bring Casey Home