Random Thoughts

OK so I’m sitting on the couch just thinking and many things came to my mind. About my shopping addiction, about politics, about my social life, about everything really- yes I like shopping yes I like collecting certain things-am I a hoarder? No not necessarily because I use what I buy, whether it be make up whether it be skin care whether it be-I use it. About Mr. President, do I trust him not really. Why did I vote for him? Because I did not trust at all the other candidates. Would I vote for him again? I think depends on who is in the 2020 elections. With regard to my social life life and I don’t often talk about what’s going on. I’m not going to reveal too many details but I I am very happy. Nobody specific just happiness. Happiness because I am content with my “job” being able to stay home with the girls and have a leisurely life is very nice- I am content with where I am living because I have every store that I frequent online close by brick and mortar. My beauty arsenal has grown tremendously, I added four new brands this spring/summer. As far as the product review and promotion-I don’t know if I can make a full-time hobby out of it because having to buy product just to try it gets expensive and there’s only so many different things I want to try out there. As for yarn – I had a pretty good collection before but with in the recent weeks I added much my color I took June by the horn’s and added rainbow multicolors to my nice healthy inventory.

TailgateHigh Hits Backs Himself Into The Wall

I never thought I’d be writing about an unsigned country artist befriends you and then unfriends you all in about two weeks. Well that’s what happened with ReverbNation Artist GannonAdams, I don’t even remember how I got to talking to him but that will not be happening anymore since I don’t know what happened to cause him to unfriend/unfollow me on Twitter when all I did was promote his music and be nice to him. He’s associated with Jason Aldean so I’m wondering if the nastiness is rubbing off on Gannon,Jason’s father is Gannon’s manager. I’m not happy about this but at least it has happened before I put my money out to purchase the album which was released at 11:00pm last night. And I have every right to write this story about the event because my blog is about me & my life. Eventhough this happened I’m definitely not going to allow it to ruin my day/week/month/year or

Life because todo that is absolutely stupid. Enough with that mess. #MovingOnΒ