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TailgateHigh Hits Backs Himself Into The Wall

I never thought I’d be writing about an unsigned country artist befriends you and then unfriends you all in about two weeks. Well that’s what happened with ReverbNation Artist GannonAdams, I don’t even remember how I got to talking to him but that will not be happening anymore since I don’t know what happened to cause him to unfriend/unfollow me on Twitter when all I did was promote his music and be nice to him. He’s associated with Jason Aldean so I’m wondering if the nastiness is rubbing off on Gannon,Jason’s father is Gannon’s manager. I’m not happy about this but at least it has happened before I put my money out to purchase the album which was released at 11:00pm last night. And I have every right to write this story about the event because my blog is about me & my life. Eventhough this happened I’m definitely not going to allow it to ruin my day/week/month/year or

Life because todo that is absolutely stupid. Enough with that mess. #MovingOn