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Friday/Saturday Notes

Keep in mind that this entry was dictated last night-Hanging out with the kids, watching TV-just did my nails, have my outfit picked out for tomorrow and I’m debating what time I should arrive there tomorrow-I don’t want to be dead on my feet when I get home but I probably will be regardless of the time I know that my energy will be exhausted-I love getting the emails about the party hanging out with the kids, watching TV-just did my nails, have my outfit picked out for tomorrow and I’m debating what time I should arrive there tomorrow-I don’t want to be dead on my feet when I get home but I probably will be regardless of the time I know that my energy will be exhausted-I love getting the emails about the party. My knitting project for tomorrow is doing pretty well-enjoying the change of color. Americana is a gorgeous color scheme and definitely love doing tri-color knitting projects because it is not cluttered as hell. Even though I work in politics during election season, I am getting extremely tired of both sides bickering like little children I know we don’t have the same opinions everybody’s entitled to their own but it would be nice if we could meet in the middle and be civil. As for green space, hello where is it-I know that one of my favorite shopping malls was built on a former golf course but with the exception of the explosion of housing in my Township, I’m very happy with everything going on except the fact that we have 10,000 furniture stores and it’s ridiculous as shit. I wish we could do something with all the houses that need to be fixed up in the Township, I wish we could build a homeless shelter or a safe place for the downtrodden. I know that we have a food pantry for the downtrodden but we need to have a shelter in every Township in every county in every state in this country and some not job in Texas just don’t want ambulance to buy fried chicken and cigarettes? I’d rather have news like this the news about crazy politics and bullshit happening. So once my golden nails get dry I am going to resume work on the project I have two minutes and 35 seconds but I think I’m going to allow it to go a little longer because I don’t wanna have glitches tomorrow.- FYI my dogs just had tortellini for dinner because it’s the only thing I could get for them while my nails are still wet or Shellie is a drying. I did redo my timer for 10 minutes so I have seven minutes and 15 seconds left- if I get to meet Jeffree tomorrow or if he replies to my Twitter- I want to know where he went to dinner tonight because he just tweeted about pizza. Everyone’s telling him to get a cheesesteak which is true.

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Calabasas 2 King of Prussia v1

Good afternoon my friends, I am sitting here working on the Americana project and thinking about tomorrow-it’s going to be crazy absolutely crazy but it’s going to be fun even though I did not win the meet and greet-I have not spent an exorbitant I’m at the mall in a long time and I’m actually looking forward to it somewhat. To have a celebrity like Jeffree Star in my hometown? It’s probably once in a lifetime maybe. I’ve spent the day knitting I’ve spent the day with my kids I’ve spent the day watching television-I already washed my hair I’m going to do my nails tonight and I already picked out an outfit. I will tell you this, if I lived in California, I would have definitely wanted to do the Beverly Hills 90210-Peach Pit pop up. I am really looking forward to Beverly Hills 90210 coming back I know it’s only gonna be for six episodes in the beginning but God willing and network willing we will get it to more than one season-I have been sharing articles throughout the past couple weeks with regard to the stars. Even though I am a fan, I am a blogger I have my own website I keep my articles as up-to-date as possible. Sorry, not sorry when I post something that is about one of my favorite celebrities regardless if it’s good or bad. If it’s an article I find interesting I will put it on my blog. My blog is nonprofit I do not make any money from it – I do not pay for any advertising I do it all free except for paying for my domain. I am thinking about upgrading my account on both WordPress and also a Grammarly because I use both every day-I just have to figure out if it’s price worthy. Hopefully tonight I will have a good dinner and get some good sleep and no shenanigans for my canine kids. Festivities start at 7:30 tomorrow morning but I am not going to be there that early even though it could be. I know I’ve said I have not won the meet and greet before But Jeffree has said on Snapchat video that he will stick around for a few extra people so maybe I will get lucky maybe I won’t but God is in control with all that crazy being said I am going to go back to my knitting and enjoying my evening. I will be updating everything tomorrow so stay tuned to my channels and my blog.

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Monday’s JSC Beyond

OK my friends, on the heels of the JSC inventory in my collection, after I receive my BH cosmetics update I’m going to take a pause and look at what I have and then be very picky about adding additional items, I know that Jeffree is working on an autumn collection. Which I’m definitely interested in seeing what is included but I don’t know if that means I’m going to add to the collection but I will say I do love Jeffree’s amazing formulas. Since I published the last journal entry, I have seen Twitter explode with angry tweets about the president, I have said this already but if you are unhappy with Mr. Trump then you need to follow Pamela Anderson I think she is one smart woman. She followed through with a threat of moving to another country if Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States. Now if Mr. Trump wins 2020, I think we are going to have a lot of angry people and those people need to think about the fact that Congress and the house and the senate are really the ones passing these laws and Mr. President he is just signing the paperwork so if you are angry at anyone, it should be at the men and women in congress and in the house and the Senate. Also, I placed an order for another set of yarn drums from Joann’s but made by ArtBin. Speaking of my crafting abilities, I am almost finished with the grape purple scarf and I’m debating which project to start next because my dog blanket order has been approved so I need to get working on it. So all in all, it has been a very busy day. I’m going to sign off and maybe go to bed early we will see but it’s the end of this journal entry so until another time I’ve been adios mi amigos.

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JSC Update Etc

Good morning, I had a rather busy day yesterday because I got the shipment notice of my mid June Jeffree Star Cosmetics order, So I had to call my credit card company and cancel the dispute but in the meantime I had ordered the same product from my friends at Morphe. So I have two mini breakers and a concealer coming-Thank God I have a brick-and-mortar Morphe down the street from my house practically live in King of Prussia Mall is 2 miles from my residence practically. Anyway I know that I probably spent too much on make up but their somethings I just have to have because I have the collection started from Wayback win and those collections I just had to so I have completes. I know that Apple is playing God on what we can and cannot view on our devices but I have decided that I am not getting an android/Windows device because I think there’s tricks around it where I can access my sites. I was disturbed this morning when I found an article about teen mom OG cast member Amber-I was disturbed by the domestic violence arrest to start with but now apparently her longtime boyfriend is going to file for sole custody of their toddler. Is is according to page 6. Life is interesting and you never know what is going to be thrown at you. When I was speaking about collections, I am speaking about the travel series from BH cosmetics. I have 2/3 of the first leg of the collection and I am going to invest in 2/3 of the next leg of the collection. Aside from the cosmetic collection that is growing out of my room, I love collecting urine because you never know when you need to knit a gift for somebody. My inventory has exploded because there have been so many good deals lately and there are so many beautiful new colorways. Walmart has become my new best friend when it comes to yarn shopping. I must admit, that I do not go out brick-and-mortar shopping as much anymore because shopping online is so easy sometimes too easy, but when I need to return something-specifically when I’m going to return extra palette- I’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of quarters for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadA i’m very happy that we have a location. So far this morning/afternoon I’ve spent knitting and drinking coffee-also looking at different articles of coarse for the blog-there’s one with California situation where they are going to allow illegal immigrants to have health insurance which I completely disagree with a lot of things going on in democratic states I think the democratic states are very anti-American. I just posted something on #AmericanBadAzz with regard to the American flag and the original design an explanation from Betsy Ross. So aside from an interesting article, I find on my apps I will say goodbye for now and talk to y’all when I have something interesting important to say. Sayonara friends.

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Good morning, happy Fourth of July-happy birthday America, I am taking the day off from any outdoor activity unless it’s in my garden because I think I strained a muscle in my back i’ve been I just wanted to come on here and say that I do not agree with the judge he gave Jenelle and David custody of the children, I think that is very stupid very unsafe and I pray for those children. I think both Jenelle and David are very very unstable and should have their parental rights taken away as long as they are together I don’t think David Eason is mentally stable. So I will be spending the day on the couch with the kids knitting and drinking coffee or water or maybe hard seltzer. Will be updating Instagram etc. Will be checking the feeds for any interesting story-If I don’t post anything article wise I would definitely write another journal entry I’ve been happy birthday America I love you

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Random Thoughts

OK so I’m sitting on the couch just thinking and many things came to my mind. About my shopping addiction, about politics, about my social life, about everything really- yes I like shopping yes I like collecting certain things-am I a hoarder? No not necessarily because I use what I buy, whether it be make up whether it be skin care whether it be-I use it. About Mr. President, do I trust him not really. Why did I vote for him? Because I did not trust at all the other candidates. Would I vote for him again? I think depends on who is in the 2020 elections. With regard to my social life life and I don’t often talk about what’s going on. I’m not going to reveal too many details but I I am very happy. Nobody specific just happiness. Happiness because I am content with my “job” being able to stay home with the girls and have a leisurely life is very nice- I am content with where I am living because I have every store that I frequent online close by brick and mortar. My beauty arsenal has grown tremendously, I added four new brands this spring/summer. As far as the product review and promotion-I don’t know if I can make a full-time hobby out of it because having to buy product just to try it gets expensive and there’s only so many different things I want to try out there. As for yarn – I had a pretty good collection before but with in the recent weeks I added much my color I took June by the horn’s and added rainbow multicolors to my nice healthy inventory.

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End Of Day Thoughts

Dear Friends, I’m sitting here in bed while the girls are asleep. This morning, the news about Beth Chapman didn’t necessarily surprise me but I am indeed concerned and worried about her and her family. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I felt like cardio was more important. Also, I got a few things in the way of storage that I have been wanting for a while now. I got a second organization box for my room and also a wish list item for my knitting therapy. I have adopted many jumbo skeins of yarn that are 7 once or larger. The yarn drum can be used for both storage and also project assistance. I could ramble on about the yarn drum but will not. After 19 years in the broadcast booth for NASCAR, Darrell Waltrip announcers has retired from the announcer’s booth. Plus I am very happy to announce that my favorite driver Martin Truex Jr smoked the competition. It was victory number 4 of the 2019 season. I don’t know if we are going to be the champion this season or not but another flag on my fence would be absolutely amazing. Speaking of my outside area, I’m still intrigued by the idea of having a She Shed/She Space but I don’t think I want to spend thousands of dollars. But with regard to money and saving, I have to have a goal even if I don’t follow through on it. When I was shopping for my yarn drum, I saw some new yarn that I am kind of interested in but not completely certain if I can work with it because it’s bulky size 6. My current project is in a chunky size 4 and its the first time I have used twisted yarn.

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Crafting And Quick Thought

I have been very busy lately, and I’m very happy that last month is in the past. I have been very devoted to finishing the Sprinkles Blanket which is the largest project that I have embarked on. Working with PremierYarns is absolutely wonderful but I’m probably shifting to another brand for a while. This morning, I got the chance to go use my coupon at Jo-Ann. It was 55% off one item which I used the opportunity to get something I don’t usually. The winner is the Bernat Velvet yarn in Gray Orchid. I don’t quite know what I’m going to make which is what I can normally do now because every time I plan a project it backfires. My current project is far from perfect but it is what it is. I’ve done some windowshopping and there are definitely some things that I like not everything and come on with me or be sent to my studio. After I finish this blanket I’m going to work on my path rug and then maybe plan the next project. Knitting is my creative passion even though I am not a professional nor do I do anything perfectly. My blogging is not perfect either but it’s okay since just getting things out of my head makes everything better. So it’s back to the knitting and LivePD. I’ll be back later when there’s more on my mind.