Short Thought

Dear Family, Friends & Follows- on Tuesday I apparently upset somebody somehow & Zuckerberg brought down the ban hammer. No, I don’t know what the offense was but I am blessed to have friends who have been in jail before so they were able to give a little information about being a social media jailbird. The good news is that most likely my sentence is 3-5 days but I am not sure if I am going to return to the platform straight away. I am actually exploring different avenues of communication between myself and my fans. I have over 200 followers here but also have over 400 on Instagram if I add up my three accounts. I do enjoy social networking but I am beginning to think that the universe is trying to get a message to me that Facebook isn’t the only spotlight I should be in. So I am jumping around the plethora of platforms I have to see where I fit in. Until later my friends I bid you farewell.