Monday News & Rambles

OK good afternoon, I just did a power posting of many articles including some stuff that I didn’t completely read through because it was too important and I needed to get it out there for my own sanity, I don’t always read the articles I share but I do read enough of it to get the jest and do the hashtags. I uploaded to journal entries before this current dictation. I am watching the # CopsTv-Marathon along with working on the knitting #AmericanaXNewspaper. So it’s now Monday and I got a surprise #SpaDay, Got my manicure and pedicure in “I’m on a sushi roll“-every month or six weeks depending, I like to be pampered a little bit get my nails are done And just relax-even pet parents need a break every now and then. I woke up this morning in a pretty good mood and after following Brandon‘s Instagram and wondering what the fuck is happening in his life I’m very happy to know that Dr. Phil McGraw has reached out to him and extended in our branch of assistance in his sobriety or journey to Complete sobriety. It breaks my heart that we are going through this again and when I say we I mean fans are witnessing this Mayhem-I know that the untimely passing of Ryan Dunn could have possibly triggered this problem but then again I think he’s always had an addiction issue. In my world, I am working on restructuring certain things in life mainly my beauty room which is also my regular bedroom-I need to organize a shit load of stuff because everything is conglomerated together but I have to use my time wisely because of the dogs. By the way I am no longer watching #CopsTV , I am watching #LivePD- if there’s one thing that drives me absolutely bananas, it is when police officers or anyone speak about weapons specifically guns and cause a gun fake or a toy-unless it is made of plastic, the gun is a real gun. The difference is there are guns that shoot bullets there’s tons of shoot BBs and then there are guns that shoot pellets-so all guns are really just the ammunition is different. Speaking of guns, those of us with the same brain who are registered Republican or Independent understand the guns do not kill people people kill people and I just saw a tweet about the Dayton Ohio mass murderer and he was a registered Democrat and self-identified socialist now I wonder why the hell Democrats cannot get it through their thick skulls that they are the problem and I agree that Democrats are problematic and Democrats are destroying America – The last two parts of that sentence were taken from Twitter and I saved the document to my notes about the Dayton shooter. OK well, I do not have a permanent storage facility for my lipstick collection, I did have it organized by a brand which I posted on my Instagram I have a majority of #NYXCosmetics, My other favorite brands are #TarteCosmetics #UrbanDecayCosmetics, BHCosmetics I also have #TooFacedCosmetics And a few others. If I were to go, Cray Cray, more which would mean going and getting different formulas in some of the same colors I currently have it would be ridiculous but I just found out that there’s going to be another #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration now I don’t know if it’s going to be more brushes or if it’s going to be cosmetics-related but knowing that #MopheBrushes completed my current stash of everything-I’m not going to rush into more stuff right away even though I will be really tempted, with my shopping addiction-I need to learn how to conserve.

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