Tuesday Rambling

OK good afternoon/evening, I am sitting here watching television and hanging out with the dogs-all three of them. I am bored off my ass for some reason restless etc. I don’t really know why I’m restless. There’s nothing happening that would drive me crazy-#JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part two had me excited because I wanted to see how he’s going to help the #Jawbreaker Collection.-I am surprised that the collaboration part two doesn’t have more components but it’s a pretty great collection as it is and I am purchasing. With the first brush collaboration, I bought two sets along with two sets of the sponges. Responders are coming back but they look exactly the same so I’m not going to get them-I to have enough sponges but I’m definitely getting two sets of the brushes. They are beautiful, I’m going to get two of the setting spray and one eyeshadow palette. Even though I love this upcoming collection I wish they would’ve waited a little bit longer because #TheStarFamily is still in a frenzy over #Jawbreaker. In other news, I am not going out tonight even though it is #NationalNightOut, This morning when I get my cardio I got a first look at the space and after the #JeffreeStarXMorphe Grand opening, I am not really in the mood to have a hoedown with people that I don’t know. I don’t care if they’re on my township neighbors, I’ve had enough of hobnobbing with strangers this month/semester-speaking of hobnobbing with unknowns, the area for this is bigger than #JeffreeStarXMorphe party. Like I said this morning, it’s not that I am not supportive of my community of the police, it’s simply that I don’t want to be in this situation especially with the past few days and the mass shootings around the country. Speaking of the mass shootings, I am sick and tired of the damn political ping-pong ball that keeps going back-and-forth between Democrats and Republicans when they start pointing fingers and throwing accusations and blame. There was something I shared on one of my Twitter accounts about some guy tweeting out death threats towards somebody else and certain platforms don’t give a fuck about people’s content but then they do give a fuck about the First Amendment when there’s no hatred or negativity in it. I am blessed that to my knowledge I have not gotten shadowbanned anywhere-Kim Jong Un has reportedly said that the latest missile strike test was a warning towards the United States? I just don’t wanna think about that kind of ish. And I don’t know why today but today was one of those days where I was frustrated for an unknown reason whether it was anxious about the collaboration launch News or something other than that I’m on aware of. I think this is turning into a rambling blog which is fine because that is helping me dump my thoughts. Every time I see a tweet go by I get frustrated because of peoples opinions and reviews. I know we are all entitled to have our own opinions on views etc. that is what is awesome about my country but it doesn’t mean that something won’t frustrate the fuck out of me even for no reason. When I thought about writing a new blog tonight, it was going to be all about the Chihuahua because I had to give her a bath tonight-she ended up playing with her dinner which is plain yogurt. Apparently, she head-butted her dinner. So I gave her a bath and used lemon-scented soap so I have a lemon-scented Chihuahua. Tomorrow I think I said this already but #BH90210, welcome home gang. With that I think I’m signing off for the night-I might do some more knitting, or I may just relax-I don’t know yet but I will update everybody tomorrow-thank you for listening.

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