Pre-Written Intentions

Hello and welcome to Wednesday, I am pre-writing this on Tuesday evening because I want to be certain that I have a blog journal entry on this day. I am looking forward to #DogsMostWanted and going shopping today and I have to make a stop into Sephora for the #TooFacedCosmetics #PeachesAndCream eyeshadow palette titled #PalmSprings hey can I am also going down to Morphe to hopefully purchase My two items from the grand finale of the #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration. I know it is sold out online and that’s discouraging but I am praying and sending good energy in hopes that I will get my paws on what I want. I’m also thinking about going to The metaphysical store in the King of Prussia Mall called #EastMeetsWest. I I knew it was there for a long time but I didn’t necessarily know exactly what it was all I knew it was mystical items. Over the past few hours, I’ve gotten involved with some witchy groups on Facebook. I do have some connections on Instagram as well. As of right now, my family doesn’t particularly understand the importance or explanation of the choice to make this journey. I am very content with the path I’m taking. I can not really explain why I chose to begin studying witchcraft. Even though I’m a baby witch, i have figured out that I identify as a seawitch! Reason for identifying as a seawitch is because of childhood in the USVI. I felt like the island life is absolutely lovely. The only thing is the fact that it is Uber expensive af. Aside from the prices of living in paradise, I would definitely go back if I could end with that said hurricane season is a pain in the ass-I have been watching coverage of hurricane Dorian, I have been watching the destruction and everything. My heart breaks for everyone in the path of this monster at the same time I feel very fortunate that my “hometown” of the US Virgin Islands was not torn apart like the Bahamas etc. with all that said I am going to cut it off and update you when I can so thank you for putting up with my craziness.

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