Thursday X Friday

So I have decided to pre-write another entry because tomorrow is going to be a crazy day #Friday – today was pretty good, today I found my zen again & definitely enjoyed my witchcraft-related Facebook groups-as a baby witch, I am definitely still learning I am definitely still shopping even if it is window shopping to put on my wish list. I found an awesome flag selection when it comes to seawitch / witches, in general, there are two and I’m particularly interested in also maybe some other items for the house. I know that I have to go back in the broom closet tomorrow because my extended family doesn’t quite understand or accept but I really don’t give a fuck about though I want to keep it peaceful tomorrow. Right now my uncle is taking a shower and I was about to hunker down for the night. He doesn’t think of others before he does something nor does he take responsibility for certain things which drives me absolutely bat shit crazy-his annoyances is one of the many reasons I wanted to go on a spiritual journey because I was not happy. Before I found my Zen recently, I have not been truly happy since before I lost my dad-when my uncle moved in, it was just a shit show because I didn’t really know him and my mom and not known him for 50 years and that was really difficult. Anyway I’m sitting in the dark, the girls are wondering around at least one of them is-yesterday the Doxie upchucked all her food so today was an easy-going day and we realized that she doesn’t like her kibble anymore again so it’s hamburger meat and cottage cheese until further notice I was thinking about getting her some rice but I’m not sure that would work very well because that’s a diarrhea suppressant and there is no diarrhea. I have been slowly studying the book I got and looking forward to the new read coming. Thankfully I have some reference material on the phone and iPad so if I need a quick spell or get by, I’m all set. Next, up the #BH90210 situation, I honestly don’t know if it is going to be renewed or not even though it gets better as we go along. I’m on the bandwagon for season two but I will be honest, I love the reunion the cast more then the storyline. So I’m probably going to draft another entry tomorrow before the festivities get rolling but until then blessed be to all.

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