Cosmetics X Opinions II

Dear friends and followers, I am sitting here following tweets about The conspiracy/controversy release. I am not surprised that this Has sold out on many websites. I think the new unit number was sadly sadly underestimated hoping to sell Elle in just over two hours availability and with Shane whining about being afraid he wasn’t gonna make any money – I have seen the price list for these items and it is Insanely ridiculous overpriced even though I know Jeffree has on point wonderful quality product I am not a fan of Shane Dawson nor am I a fan of his personality. There are many things I do not like about this collaboration into any dimension but I probably have over on other entries. I remember that I was saying something with regard to LunarBeauty And the fact that they use talc in their products-I don’t like that but I like Manny Gutierrez because he is not controversial he doesn’t throw crap around he is more mature and unfortunately he is not into women because I find them cute. Anyhow I am going to be investing in his products but I also made a purchase this morning after going to bank. I finally got my four books on my Amazon list and I had some magick Guide/Bibles that I desperately needed. Tomorrow is the big 42, and I don’t know what I’m doing other than having dinner with the family. Today started off with No power because of the storms last night where there was an EF2 tornado in Delaware County-We had insane winds That took out the power that took out some trees and the low this morning was at least 31°. I did not have happy dogs, Now I have sleepy dogs because they were up at odd hours during the night. But tonight we have #LivePD And tomorrow we have #LivePD. I am very excited that #AETV is coming out with another new show, at some point I’m not gonna have to change the damn channel on the TV set. I am still watching things happen on Twitter with regard to the big collaboration and fans are having major problems. I think it’s bad that a company underestimates their fan base under estimate a shit load of things but I think it should’ve been learned after the last major release, there was going to be problems because they ran out of the jawbreaker collection within hours.

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