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Brandon Margera Arrested

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Tuesday Thoughts

Hello and welcome to another addition of my crazy thoughts, this may be titled #TuesdayThoughts, But it was published on Wednesday morning. Reason being is that I am trying to keep my daily publishing record. Which I had going for over 2 1/2 months at one point but somehow I faltered-I don’t know how. Anyway I was very excited this morning insert Tuesday morning, it was the launch of part two of the #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration which I know there’s probably going to be much more where that comes from which is awesome but I wish he would slow down on the releases because my wallet cries every time a chunk gets ripped from it. I am the type who likes to keep up with all of my favorite brands. I got two sets of brushes, two cans of setting spray & one eyeshadow palette-that was what I was going to do but then I saw #StrawberryCrush liquid lipstick and #StrawberryGum lip scrub-I did not get to sets of the sponges again because they were the same sponges as the first release just in a new package. Besides I have other sponges on deck that I can use. There of been other things going on today-example looking for decorative furniture that will look better than what I currently have under my television set. I have been following the #JeffreyEpstein situation and I have been following other breaking news, there’s been some craziness going on around CNN and more sexual assault accusations-I know I put one up this morning about Placido Domingo-there’s one coming for Don Lemon and somehow I don’t think we’re done. The Jeffrey Epstein situation is bothering me more than just because he he is a disgusting pedophile it bothers me that he owned property so close to somewhere that I hold dear to my heart that holds many many many memories for me. I don’t know when the last time I talked about the United States Virgin Islands was but Mr. Epstein unfortunately owned property down there in fact he owned his own island down there and the FBI and other federal agents have been doing a search /Investigation of Little St. James which is located close to #Redhook, #SaintThomas,USVI. Anyway I am going to be posting a breaking news article about not only Placido Domingo but Jeffrey Epstein again.

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After Jeffrey Epstein’s death, 2 guards suspended and warden reassigned

Two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein the night he apparently killed himself in jail have been placed on leave and the warden has been reassigned as federal authorities investigate his death.
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Sarah Silverman Fired from Movie over Blackface Photo

Left-wing comedian and actress Sarah Silverman revealed last week that producers fired her from a movie she was set to co-star in after discovering a photo of her in blackface, which stemmed from a comedy sketch in 2007.
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Miley Cyrus Kisses Brody Jenner’s Ex Kaitlynn Carter in Italy Amid Liam Hemsworth Split | E! News

Get details about their girls’ trip, which comes not only amid Miley and Liam’s breakup, but also following Brody and Kaitlynn’s split.
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#JeffreeStarXMorphe -The Reveal

so as promised I came back with the video from Mr. diva. I am very excited and I am purchasing this but I am going to wait a little bit-probably going to get two of the brush sets because I got two of the brush sets before. Considering I got two of the beauty sponge trio, and there’s nothing different about the new beauty sponge trio I am not getting those, if I want pink beauty blenders I can get them down the road. I’m definitely impressed with the 30 shade eyeshadow palette which has shadows that are not available anywhere else. Yes please decide I love the Jeffree Star and Morphe shadow formula-I’m almost surprised that he did not include any lipsticks any setting powders etc. but with that being said I did the tally on prices and to my tally I’m only going to spend $137 total that is including the brush sets . Love this but it’s affordable. So I hope you enjoy the video below