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Good morning and happy Friday-I have made some decisions overnight/since yesterday that I felt were necessary. While I am concerned with What is going on in Australia and I do believe it is terrorism because they have arrested at least 24 people for setting these fires over the past few months-I no longer feel it necessary to be involved in the world of witchcraft Facebook group because of unnecessary drama I feel was involved-I was a moderator in the group but I realized yesterday that they completely wiped out the moderators and I did not feel comfortable because they did not say anything and I have not gotten a text message about anything. What happened to all witches welcome and my input and works appreciated. I think one thing that bothered me was someone saying that Chihuahuas are evil even as you know or may not know I am a Chihuahua mom and the Chihuahua breed is very close to my heart and has been since I was a little girl. Having my Chihuahua is a dream come true. Anyway I am not abandoning the practice I’m just abandoning the group because I don’t feel that it’s a situation that is beneficial to me right now. I have enough knowledge and I have enough resources that I can do this on my own. I am blessed with great teachers I am blessed with great resources so with that said I’m going to have an awesome day and I’m going to work my ass off literally over the next couple months. With the They help with the gods goddesses, I will work the extra weight off with my yoga and weightlifting-I know it takes two weeks to get in rhythm and three weeks to make it a routine. So it’s definitely not Friday anymore, this week has been another roller coaster of crazy but I made it through. Regarding worlds of witchcraft coven, I released that group because I no longer felt comfortable there but blessings have brought me a new coven and I will be happily working with them. But I am working on things on my own. I am a firm believer in “when one door closes another door opens“ and I know things happen for a reason and the reason may not be known straight away but the gods and goddesses will reveal the truth when necessary.  Last night I had money I thought of what is happening in the celebrity universe specifically with the Chapman family-there is been nothing but drama since the loss of Beth. The constant spotlight on that family is not good in my opinion, everything anyone does is always in debate always in the questionable category-specifically the current situation Duane has put himself in. Whether intended or not, he has pissed off his family because understandably they are not happy that He’s reportedly started a new relationship. While the denial of the category of relationship is in the spotlight, I fully agree with the kids that any relationship that starts within the first year is definitely in question. Along with the potential partner in question. I don’t know which ”son of dog” this woman was involved but seriously what the hell. I am starting to think that the family or some of them deserve to be on the Jerry Springer show. Personally, I think this relationship is inappropriate. This woman was a long-time friend of the Mrs and the word is that there will never be another but why get involved with one of her friends. As for me watching the new show, I just can’t. I am not really a fan of certain things these days and anything that brings negative energy. Certainly, that pertains to television & real-life situations. Enough rambling for now so I am going to get back to yoga and knitting. 

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