Quarantine And Random

OK, I’m sitting here watching television, and thinking about the fact that I have not written a journal entry in a few days even though I was wanting to I did not. When I posted #QuarantineNutcracker-Volume1, I was totally planning on making another issue of that topic but apparently, that was not necessary which is a good thing so I’m going to move onto the next topic in my mind which is my asthma. I was born two months early and spent a year and a half in the hospital down in Philadelphia. I know I have shitty lungs and knowing this I still was a smoker for three years and I really love aromatherapy in any capacity whether it be candles or now incense in both cone and stick form. Being that I am almost 8 months into my witchcraft study/lifestyle, I am very much dependent on aromatherapy for mood adjustments and I am aware that the particles from the cones or sticks are not necessarily good for me But I still find enjoyment from a distance now. With this entire social distancing because of the coronavirus, I’m distancing myself from my fires from my social life in person because I have decided to put my life in the real world on hold since nobody is allowed to leave the house unless they need to go get Food/medicine/money, etc. non-essential working is nonexistent at the moment unless you have a job that you can do from your home. I will say this that my anxiety is doing backflips because the stupid journalists and political figures who think they know what they’re talking about when it comes to medical advice are spewing out nonsense it does nothing but scares the crap out of the public. Do I trust my politicians do I trust my journalist public figures? #FuckNo, going on to do I trust you-you being a politician even the ones in the White House do I trust you even though I voted for you? Not lately I don’t. Do I trust Congress do I trust the House of Representatives do I trust the Senate?-No I don’t because they don’t speak for the people as they should they are out for themselves they are not out for the citizens of the United States they are out for illegal immigrants in the United States of America in the territories of America etc. by the way-I feel that during this #StayAtHomeOrderThere are “politicians” who are trying to sneak shit past us. The number of people who are being killed by COVID-19 it’s astronomical and unprecedented regardless of the country of the state of the Commonwealth that these deaths are occurring in. I have a feeling that we are not being told everything when it comes to where it came from who is responsible and are the technical mumbo-jumbo of vaccinations etc. I follow some controversial things on Instagram and I follow some interesting things on Twitter etc. going back to me, I am learning things about myself aside from being an asthmatic, I am an Omnivert. So it is now Tuesday, April 7, I am out of the house-I am walking around in the neighborhood after taking the furry cousin for a walk– The new neighbors of several years are remodeling the house and it’s kind of heartbreaking to see things from the house go out the door and have that instant memory/recollection of where the door went what part of the house it came from. It is strange not having a next or neighbor that you are bonded with especially during these times in the world. I am doing much better than I was over the weekend because I got my new asthma medication which is a once a day type and I have not had to use Mucinex or anything else to clear my lungs or my sinuses. I am still working on the project I started on Sunday during the ACM presents: our country. I wasSort of stunned that some of my favorite artists did not participate. I would’ve hoped that Kenny Chesney would’ve participated I would’ve really enjoyed seeing the islands because I have a feeling that’s where he’s hanging out during quarantine. On the other hand, I was really excited to see and hear from Mr. Eric Church. He is definitely one of my favorite people on the planet. As he said “we will gather again”. As long as we all participate in the social distancing/safety precautions etc. that is necessary to get rid of this very deadly virus and thinking about the people in New Jersey and New York-it is like another September 11 – except this time it is not a terrorist attack. Even though I thought it was, in the beginning, I thought it was bioterrorism. We never know until everything is investigated-speaking of investigations, I know there are a lot of them going on with regard to vaccines treatments, etc. I normally would be happy to be pro-vaccine but with this type of situation, I am definitely hesitant. Since we don’t know when this virus came into existence as I do not believe it was January. I think it’s been here much longer because people have been reporting their sicknesses but not having a diagnosis. Anyway, I am getting settled into this quarantine way of life which is not much different than my normal but yesterday was quite the interesting because Bernie Sanders decided to drop trowel with regard to the presidential 2020 and that basically means that we have Mr. Donald J Trump who I believe is going to beat nasty pants Joe Biden at least one can hope because Joe Biden is disgusting borderline pedophilia and I don’t want somebody of his caliber running my country. Even though Mr. Trump is not perfect he does what is necessary for most regards. I know that not everybody likes him personally I don’t know if I like him but I like the way he is handling most issues because he’s hard-core anti I immigrant and anti-terrorism etc. with regard to coronavirus, I think we’re in for the long-haul when it comes to Quarantine I think the government will slowly reopen as it’s deemed acceptable. I think this economic shut down has Very much enjoyed our country. I very much appreciate the way country music is coming together and helping with the words of encouragement etc. I believe Eric Church is right, we will gather again but also we have to pay attention to the government whether we like it or not we have to take precautions and play it safe.

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