PSA: Knitting X Other Thoughts #MentalHealth #NaomiJudd

Okay, I have been thinking about composing the next PSA entry for a while and have posted lil bits & pieces here x there. I have been knitting since I was an adolescent & am most comfortable with basic garter stitch since it’s easy to recall the last row etc. Now I have been vocal recently with yarn quality or shall we say lack of when it comes to some brands. I love doing scarves for donations but using inadequate quality isn’t fun. The price of the yarn shouldn’t be a deciding factor in quality. As of right now, I have enough quality yarn and acceptable yarn (i think) but will be Destashing the crap first. I am not shy about putting my feelings out there about yarn & other things. Now, I would like to address the prices of yarn & the fact that it would be awesome as fook if there was hand-dyed yarn in worsted weight in acrylic because if it was good enough I would try it. Next on the plate of thoughts, is mental health; the untimely passing of Naomi Judd!
Wow, just wow, I wasn’t a big fan of theirs but damn that just shows that even being a celebrity who appears to have everything can be and was suffering in silence which isn’t cool. Mental Health & Mental Illness is no joking matter & it shouldn’t be shamed and stigmatized, I don’t know if there was anyone in country music since Mindy McCready. I am just as interested in seeing exactly what happens w/Naomi as any other member of the public. I also understand the aspect of privacy for the family. Unlike the case of Bob Saget, there hopefully won’t be any funny business with the tucking away of evidence. I still don’t think that the Bob Saget case is an accident nor do I believe we have the full story.

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