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Am I A Witch #77Percent


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Morning/Afternoon Commentary

I was thinking about everything last night I got very frustrated with what’s going on in my hometown/Township-very upset about the fact that the municipality is not being honest with the residents that have if you’re our entire lives in most cases. I don’t like the fact that they are doing things behind our back but they are making decisions without consulting the public-I understand that they are voted into office and make certain decisions but making those decisions should be made public before they become official decisions. I support our first responders send police department and police officers but I do not support our local government when they make decisions to tear up the town just because they want more money. I do not like the fact that King of Prussia/ Upper Merion township is turning into east coast Las Vegas – I understand that we have everything desirable for residents and I am very blessed to live within five minutes of my house which is amazing. I mentioned this on my crafting Instagram, knitting Instagram-that I started a second project that is now 90 stitches and I did it because Lovebug was driving me mad that you’re not in a bad way just frustrated way so I started working with sweet roll and sweet rose sprinkles-going to see where this leads . Sometimes I wonder why I make so many projects and keep them in a basket in the basement not every project is perfect I have given away some yarn and some mini blankets scarves etc. but most of my Projects are down in the basement. Aside from the crafting and the frustration with the township the day has been pretty damn good. Life in general if I do not think about the craziness going on in my community, All is well. Tomorrow is going to be quiet on the homefront, probably staying home to get some stuff done and I’m already for bed right now so I will definitely check in tomorrow there’s definitely some of the gossip stuff that I want to look up confirm and possibly post. Until then good night and blessings to you all. All is well. Tomorrow is going to be quiet on the homefront, probably staying home to get some stuff done and I’m already for bed right now so I will definitely check in tomorrow there’s definitely some other gossip stuff that I want to look up confirm and possibly post. Until then good night and blessings to you all

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PHL Stand-off #LivePD:Philadelphia

Good morning Philadelphia, I am very thankful there were no fatalities with yesterday standoff-I am full of thoughts from yesterday. I am working in my head but I have things to do before I do my opinion blog. I thank God that our police officers are OK-I wish this subject outcome would’ve been different. He said that I wish the status of the subject would be different is just me being honest when it comes to injuring/killing law-enforcement I do not care about the suspect at all. I am back out of the shower and no makeup today because I want to stay focused on the unfolding investigation. God bless Philadelphia God bless our police officers- watching the aftermath unfolding is terrifying and heartbreaking. Thank God and Saint Michael that none of our officers were fatally injured and I agree that it was a miracle and our officers had to guard angels watching over them last night. I’m going to shut up and keep an eye on the news/articles coming out and see what unfolds. FYI there was a gentleman last night tweeting that I was very pissed off that I don’t care if you’re a thrillseeker or not just like I am I’m not good at tweet bullshit and anything that’s going to jeopardize any compromising situation. So with that being said, I am going to continue my knitting and relaxation with my dogs-praying for Philadelphia and any other city/state community where there is been gun violence recently whether it be a terrorist attack or domestic terrorism IDC. I agree with the mayor that we need to curb the gun violence but a basic gun law is going to be violated no matter which way we shake it if JoBlo is not supposed to have a gun he doesn’t give two shits he’s going to find a way to get a gun or get any kind of weaponry he desires. There’s something called a straw purchase which is what killed officer Bradley Fox of Plymouth Township. Anyway as I digress and get angrier I am going to shut up and follow the news. Thank you for reading thank you for supporting me and blessings being sent to anyone who needs them especially if you put on a uniform day in and day out.

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The Queen’s Golden Years

Good morning and happy Saturday, yesterday was absolutely crazy as if there has not been enough crazy in my life the past few days, my 14-year-old decided to have a bad day and it scared the living shit out of me almost literally but as of this morning she is feeling much better and life is going to march on I just have to get used to having a senior dog – we went into the situation crash boom bang. So we now have her on a bland diet of yogurt and crackers, whatever she wants that is not going to upset the Digestive system. But I am learning that you don’t need to call the vet for everything, sometimes just mentioning them or checking in on Facebook brings it to their attention. So today after the gym I am going to work on the knitting and probably get the kitchen organized again because I ran the dishes this morning and I usually like to get things moving within the 1 to 2-hour time frame after the dishwasher is finished whenever the dishes are cool enough to touch. I’m really excited for the new #JeffreeStarXMorphe collaboration part Deux, it’s going to be #Starberry which kind of reminds me of #LunarBeauty and they just came out with a strawberry-scented collection, the question is who had the concept first but I am going with #JeffreeStar’s collection because I I am in love with his formulas. And I have more formulas/product from Jeffree Star. Anyhow, we are home watching television, looking forward to August 13-I went grocery shopping I got some things for the queen and they did not have my coconut yogurt which I was disappointed but I did pick up some other items of necessary like hummus and #LennyAndLarrys peanut butter cookies. Sometimes picking up in-store is easier than ordering when you just need to add to your stash not update it completely. So with that, all said we are going to continue watching television and knitting which is what we do every single day of our lives which is fine with us. God bless you and thank you for reading my craziness.

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Amputated Bug Legs

So with #LittleBitches being done I am now moving onto the next bugaboo in my life which is not really of a bugaboo it’s more like another chapter to #LittleBitches, #AmputatedBugLegs, This morning when I was doing the dishes I snapped the legs of a waterbug or Millipede, with that being said I went to the gym I did my business, I went to #UltaBeauty and got my business accomplished which was to do my cardio and get some pictures etc. do some reviews more like promotions but I did and then I went to REI because there were some high school/college age adolescence at the beauty shop which was somehow annoying my senses so I removed myself from the situation and actually to be completely honest they were the inspiration for the title #LittleBitches. I realized at dinner time tonight/this afternoon, that my moods fluctuate depending on the Barometer so these mental aliens that I’ve been experiencing very well could be the result of a fucked-up barometer. Also I’ve been witnessing my 14-year-old slowly go downhill, she is still here she is still energized but it takes her longer to do certain things and I know with hounds or with any breed of dog, it can sometimes be #TheLongGoodbye- not something that I want to experience this year or next or even the year after that but unfortunately I know one of these years it will happen, unfortunately our canine companions cannot live forever. Anyhow since I’ve published #LittleBitches, my mood has gotten better I don’t know if the barometer is gotten better or not but I know that is one of the causes of my mood swings-I’m sitting here with my knitting project on my lap and #LivePD On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming #LivePD #WeekendTV. On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming to #LivePD #WeekendTV I do not know why exactly but I’ve been knocked off my Instagram several times within the past few days all of them at one point or another I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Instagram/Facebook bullshit but I’m tired of it-I’ve been publishing on #FacebookPages more than regular Facebook lately because I’m trying to avoid drama whether it be catfights political bullshit or just stuff I don’t want to subject myself to. Living in the dog room with my kids is a sacrifice that I know that isn’t going to be forever but having an elderly dog does have its own stresses I’m wondering if that is also part of the problem knowing that her life isn’t forever-the constant backache the constant muscle issues etc. not having full privacy is a constant problem having to adapt my routine because I am living in the public space. Living in a household where one of the adults is unable to recognize that I need my own space sometimes and walking through when I’m trying to sleep or when I’m trying to have my time is really fucking annoying. Not being able to close a bedroom door/take a bath whenever I want to every night-yeah that’s the stresses I’m living with right now. Yes, sometimes I know I talk too much about too many personal things but this is my journal this is my therapy I need to talk about it and get it out or I will go stir crazy like hot oil and popcorn. OK, so next thing is once again thanking my followers and readers for putting up with my bullshit. So with that, all said I am going to log off and work on some knitting which is my meditation.

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Friday Rambles

Dear friends, yesterday on a video chat private, I was asked if I was married because I wear a ring-the answer is no, the expanded answer is no I’m not married nor am I in a relationship. It seems to me that regardless of my social status and my relationships in general-I always have an elephant in the situation whether it be platonic or romantic. Do I want a relationship that is more than platonic? Yes but no-if the answer comes from not knowing what I really want right now-that is in life and in love. Do I want to be accepted and loved and liked for who I am yes I do but in that same regard, I am not going to push people into being my friend or being in a relationship. I look at couples and I think how the hell do they do that? How do they have a successful relationship? Over the past 20 some years that I’ve been on social media and that I have been in any type of relationship there’s always something that goes wrong. Whether it be my partner or myself- so with that all said there’s probably gonna be moments like thithe s again where my head is full of crap and it’s the same old crap. But once again I want to thank my followers for keeping up with my chaos even if it’s repetitive I appreciate my readers and my subscribers I will talk to you later.

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Morphe Extensions II

OK so I just posted an article on the blog about Jaclyn Hill, her cosmetics company is rumored to be a sister company of Morphe which doesn’t bother me because it really doesn’t matter in the sense that as a consumer we have the option to purchase or not purchase a particular product-just like with James Charles, we have the option to purchase his product or not purchase this product-I know the young man is still wet behind the ears but that doesn’t mean that he can go around being discriminatory and everything else he’s doing it’s very immature and I understand the company when they say he’s young he has time to grow but in my mind he has already done some damage that is unforgivable friend even though I like his eyeshadow palette, that doesn’t mean I’m going to rush out and buy it just like how I like some of the new Jaclyn Hill products in the way of eyeshadow-I’m not gonna purchase- I am going to seek other alternatives-like my BH Cosmetics, I have a few dozen different than palettes. My brand go to right now is BH Cosmetics and of course now Morphe but I also still love my Tare and Too Faced – I collected several different mini sets from #TooFacedCosmetics, I have collected several #BHCosmetics mini and full-size palette. I do have at least one full-size #TooFacedCosmetics, I think next up is organizing each unit and labeling each drawer along with grouping each brand and sister brand. But the rest of my day is going to be spent with the kids working on knitting etc. of course I will share any article that I see fit, I will address a little something right now. That when I am a fan of somebody whether the news is good or bad or Indifferent momma I will share it regardless. It’s not that I’m trying to throw shade or the negative-I want to remember the articles that I posted in the gossip rags so my blog is a multipurpose blog-it is for me to have my mental therapy of getting my feelings and thoughts out there it is also for me to remember things and it is to get news and other information out to the public. I think I have come to or just accumulated 200 followers so I am very appreciative of that-maybe in a few years I will surpass 200 I have been blogging since 2014 so if it takes another four or five years to get more or double the following I am now that’s OK but I’m getting my message out there and people are listening to me. Thank you. Accumulated 200 followers so I am very appreciative of that-maybe in a few years I was there past 200 I have been blogging since 2014 so if it takes another four or five years to get more or double the following I have now that’s OK but I’m getting my message out there and people are listening to me. Thank you

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Twp Drama?

I have come back to drop more ish on my journal because of a little unwanted drama and some excitement in the beauty community. I have once again been questioning my political involvement in my community because of some hateful bullshit, I have never been one to be hateful and rude towards anyone. I have my opinion and I’m not going to stop giving my opinion on any subject. I was private messaged by a political figure in our community alleging that there are people who are not happy with the way I talk trash about people then apparently I complain whenever I get treated poorly. Though the complaint holds no merit in my opinion because this ”official” denied name drop when I inquired about who threw me under the bus as he put it. To be honest, I don’t completely give a crap what people are thinking or saying because they obviously don’t have what it takes to come to me with the alleged problem. So in closing with this-instead of trying to start drama about me if you have a serious problem with me which I hardly doubt-please come to me do not go through the Board of Supervisors-have some balls and be honest. I will never apologize for being truthful or being honest or sharing my opinion and that is why I started this blog was to vent to nobody in particular but I’m not just gonna sit back and let people talk shit about me at all there’s going to be repercussions there’s going to be a blog written about you so watch how you approach.

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Boatload Of Thought

I have a boatload on my mind lately which is why I did a journal entry yesterday and I’m writing this. I have an update on the missing boater on Lake Nockamixon but as responsible media, I’m gonna keep the details private. I wasn’t suicide but a freak accident that lead to his untimely death. Anyway in other news, I have been very busy acquiring beautiful rainbow colors of yarn-I don’t know when the last time was that I went on a extensive yarn haul but after my last shipment comes today I will be on a yarn diet because I have so much pretty stuff to work with. I also am thinking about teaching myself how to crochet-God willing I will learn from good old YouTube and why the hell is Bella Thorne sharing nude photos on social media? I will definitely get to the bottom of that one and I will post the article Ivan I just saw something on TMZ which I have yet to post about Mr. Jell-O head himself Bill Cosby-that also will be on the blog today-I have sent my ambassador Application in to one of my favorite beverage companies-vita Coco, So I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with that I’ve gone from drinking tap water with sweetleaf Stevia to mass quantities of coconut water and my body loves it. It may be a little expensive but if I feel good with it then definitely continue-speaking of ambassadorships, I am very happy with the new flavor from Lenny&Larry! So excited in fact, I already ordered my box- #SaltedCaramel- chocolate cookie W/caramel chips-definitely will be reviewing ASAP-also I’m going to be trying some different coconut water drinks so those reviews will be coming in soon. I am going to hopefully be doing more reviews of more product just not doing as many ambassadorships. I only am going to do ambassadorships for companies that are my daily/Weekly staples in my diet. Now I know I’ve probably talked about it before but I have a friend on Facebook who is semi famous or infamous from MTV-specifically catfish, he has started being a spokesperson and advocate for anxiety depression, weight loss etc. all of those things that we don’t always wanna talk about, he’s talking about them and that’s important- Matt Lowe & Lowetivation. Another thing that people need to understand about anxiety, depression, and everything that goes with-is that we are not always happy and we are definitely good actors. Now today, it is Tuesday, last night was quite interesting because of a tweet I sent. It was a tweet of subject matter I discussed in another country which if I remember correctly it is called: “Teen Mom OG Trolling #Baltierra”. Because when I sent a tweet last night with my opinion of a scene from the show I got all kinds of assholes coming back at me for being rude and being negative not understanding something-excuse me, I’m sorry you don’t think the way I do because if you did you would see how I perceived the conversation. When you have a neurological difference, you don’t see things the way people see them. You don’t have the same emotion or reaction that neurologically sound normal people have. Now as I am going on my third year possibly I think I figured it out in August 2017. I’ve learned a shit load about myself I’ve learned why I do things the way I do-I definitely think I was misdiagnosed as a child I think a lot of money was wasted by my family on medication they didn’t necessarily work. I don’t think we’re doing work for m 2017. I’ve learned a shit load about myself I’ve learned why I do things the way I do-I definitely think I was misdiagnosed as a child I think a lot of money was wasted by my family on medication that didn’t necessarily work. As I look back, I wish that I would’ve known sooner So that I would’ve been able to go on anxiety medication sooner. But that’s life I am living now. I think always considered iamb doing wonderfully regardless of whether I do or do not have a relationship or a social life outside of “my circle“- there are still days where I wish I had more of a social life outside the house but I am an introvert I do not like big crowds unless it is it Eric Church or Kenny Chesney concert. I say that because when you’re at a concert of an artist you truly love whether you’ve met them or had a lifestyle that was similar to the current. There’s just that vibe where are you feel comfortable and safe. Another thing that I take comfort in is my hobbies, knitting and of course writing and sharing articles of interest. With regard to Mr. Donald Trump announcing his candidacy for reelection, I still believe that he is one of the qualified subjects and possibly the only subject qualified enough at the moment because we have a barrel of monkeys with a shady ass past in the democratic category. I may be registered Republican, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I follow every thing that goes in the Republican barrel I vote based on the candidate whether that is in the primary or in the general election. I am an independent thinker I am socially liberal I am accepting of others that some in the Republican Party do not except. I think the current GOP and their stance on The LBGTQ community is very twisted and not in a good way. I support the LGBTQ community, I love everything rainbow, I don’t give two craps whether you’re gay whether you’re straight whether you’re transgender bisexual etc. I don’t care you are who you are and you deserve to be happy. As for the abortion situation-I don’t know if I’ve discussed it before but even though I fully support the women’s right to choose, I do believe abortion is murder. The crazy thing with Hollywood not being supportive of certain locations that have passed the anti-abortion bill for that want to ban abortions. You could kill your career and I think certain Hollywood personalities are killing their career with their political beliefs playing a role in their acting careers I don’t think politics needs to be affiliated with acting in any way I think it’s shooting yourself in the foot sometimes literally. Anyhow enough with my babbling because I have other things to do today. I will talk to you another day but in the meantime stay tuned for anything and everything if I care to share.