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September 11 

So I’m writing this the night before and you will not see it till after 10:00 in the morning because in honor of the people we lost 14 years ago today I am not going to be reposting/sharing or anything except watching television or napping. I will not be watching the ceremonies only because I cannot stand the replays of the event. Like everyone else, I was and still am disturbed by the event. I don’t think that anyone will be able to erase the day from their memory. Thankfully there has not yet been another attack on our soil. I’m definitely unsettled by the events happening around the world especially with the Syrian refugees. I actually agree with Donald Trump that our country has enough problems with out our government/country accepting Syrian refugees at the number of 10,000. How the hell do we know that jihadists aren’t going to be smuggled into the country with all the desperate people. I feel like our country is definitely going backwards instead of forward. I don’t like the president of the United States for several reasons but the main problem is that he doesn’t give a flying fuck about our nation’s security. I love my country and its clear that the president doesn’t have any respect for the people. I have been unable to write an original article lately because I have not had the energy or ideas. Wednesday afternoon I had a mole removal surgery that knocked me out of commission for creativity. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the middle of the month because of the good things it’ll bring me. While I have been thinking about what I would do with the money if I won the lottery, I would definitely be interested in banking the majority of it but also pay for a few things on my bucket/wish list. I want to live by the beach again and not have to stress about the snow and cold weather. I would definitely upgrade all my apple devices and pay for a few things for my blog. I’m definitely looking into expanding my blog content to include some adult material(lingerie photos from pages I like). But I have some work to do before the big time in my blogosphere. With sleep calling my name, I bid you farewell until 11:30 in the morning 9-11-2015 ❤️ 

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okay so I’m sitting here with the pup watching television after a long day out and about. Didn’t do much shopping while out at the mall because I’m saving money. I did get myself some yummy ice cream. Most of the day was spent in the Apple Store just web surfing and taking advantage of the wifi.  Very happy I no longer have any problems with the phone now that the firmware isn’t crashing. Following the mall,I got some McDonalds for lunch before getting groceries for my weekend. Finally came time to take the kiddo shopping and get a pawticure,at the same time it was fun to check out the clearance rack: we found the black + pink “does this shirt make my tail look fat?” tank top. Adding to her wardrobe is probably more fun for me than it is her. The evening is going to consist of more mommy/daughter bonding time which is always fun. I’m going to be live tweeting tonight if I’m awake during the 10:00 pm episode of Teen Mom 2. Until then I’ll be taking it easy and socializing/networking which has become one of the favorite things to do. My weekend is hopefully going to be quiet and relaxing even though it’s the weekend for Racing at Bristol. Definitely a big weekend for NASCAR but also going to be a weekend where I’ll be doing a lot of writing because I’m planing to do some research of developing stories but until later I’m signing off. 

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Tuesday Thinktank

I did not write any thing yesterday because i was busy with other things that took all my time, things are going well though. i am still in the proceess of doing social media clean-up/maintenence because sometimes life just gets too damn cluttered. my life does not need to have too much clutter or else i would go bonkers. today’s agenda is to people watch, news track & not get into any kinda trouble;gotta get the ole phone working properly, because it being cooperative only twelve hours a day is not good if i have to be productive from 7:00 in the morning till maybe 10:00 at night….. if you have been reading my musings for a while you will know that i use this platform for my theraputic release along with other ramblings, i have many accounts that this posts to. Just for everybody’s information i would like to keep my facebook account uncluttered so if you wanna know whats going on in my world and we are not facebook or twitter friends, please like my fanpage IZ Magazine

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Wednesday Storms 

so I wrote the synopsis of yesterday’s event in the parking lot of the mall, I didn’t feel comfortable enough to release all the information on it I have because of two  things: I didn’t know exactly what situation exactly was nor did I want to jeopardize any investigation by law enforcement and well because some things a woman knows is just not appropriate for publication. I know that it was definitely an adrenaline junkie’s dream come true. Being that I’m a proud upstanding citizen who happens to have multiple accounts on different platforms of social media, I want to protect my derrière from getting in any kinda trouble.  I’m enjoying the day after the event by just commenting on other issues of interest and watching television. I definitely need to get more physically active but I spend so much energy writing and storming for these blogs along with sharing some other stuff.  Even though today has been calmer than yesterday, I’m still riding the high of the excitement that I was a “fly on the wall”. I want to be able to write freely about what ever I have on my mind so there’s going to be more articles where some details maybe left on the notepad just for safety reasons. Tonight should be good and I’m definitely looking forward to getting more sleep. Until my next blog I’ll be enjoying the new YankeeCandle scents that I brought home yesterday. 

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 over the past few days i have been doing some major cleaning on my social networks because i am fed up with all the crazy clutter in my feeds, if i dont regulary communicate with the person, they are outta here. Monday is finally here and things are going pretty good. I have the main blog entry pending/on schedule to be published in the next few hours. This day is deffinitely a day to spend watching television and going thru the news via twitter and facebook,i may have multiple media accounts and here is the reason, i have a very large array of interests and not everything can fit on one single account w/o complete clutter mania. I am hoping foe another exciting and eventful week sans the stress, I wrote briefly about how disheartening the Joey Logano CheezIt355 win was. I do not like him, nor do i like Kyle Busch or Kasey Kahne. I think Hendrick is absolutely fucking stupid for resigning KK to another contract and i am starting to wonder why the hell Hendrick has soo many teams when they do not give them all acceptable equiptment.. 

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Sunday Suggestions 

okay so I can say that I’ve been Keeping Up With The Kardashians + Jennners because I am following them just because you don’t ever know what is going to happen next Just like everything else. I am also following what’s going in the real world with news etc. I’ve said this on many occasions that whatever is on my mind will eventually come out in one of my publishings. Pink and I will be watching the 2015 brickyard 400 from Indianapolis Indiana. We will be tweeting our thoughts throughout the day so another blog is on the way 💚

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Wednesday II

Okay so I am sitting here with the pup and watching television and brainstorming. Had a semi productive day today and I’m happy to report that I am finally in the recovery stage of my sunburn. I actually got through the day pain-free and got in some fabulous exercise at the mall. Don’t ask me what happened to the wifi at my mall but they must have fixed the spotty connection problems because I was connected most of the day to Xfinity. I didn’t purchase anything big. I’m looking forward to watching Sharknado 3 tonight instead of the regular Wahlberg Wednesday. Im kinda definitely missing the Shania Twain concert in Philadelphia tonight and it’s sad but I had to see my guys (Kenny and Eric). No way I’m going to miss them. I am still following the breaking news on Blake + Miranda,still shocked and saddened that they went and got divorced. I honestly don’t know what actually happened between them though there were some possible issues nothing significant has fallen out of  the sifter. Will update  more if I find out more. I do have some good news and that being that the Philadelphia Police officer who was shot this morning is already outta the hospital and recovering from his injuries at home. 

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Just Me

Ok so I was awake with the pup earlier this morning and while she was attending to her business, I made a few changes to my blog sharing and made a few social media checks. I have always noticed that people continuously find a reason to complain about their lives because it nothing better to do. Today I saw a post from a lady in the state of Nebraska saying that she was upset her disability was running  her life and that she was always stuck at home well-I have a disability but do I let it control my life? Absolutely not. I know that I am not always in control of what I am able to do sometimes but I do not see it as a curse I see it as a blessing that I am alive. That I do not have any severe issues. Yes I stay home a great deal,but I also have the ability to do things outside of my home. Being a stay-at-home pet parent, is what made me become a social media guru. I have many friends out there in the world that I am very thankful for. I may not meet them all in person but I am thankful that they are here in my life bubble. I guess the moral of the story is that you need to be thankful for what you have and be blessed for the things that you don’t have to deal with because of your disability. I don’t think about my disability in a negative way anymore , I realize that I’m here for a reason and if that reason is to be the best damn pet parent I can be, that is fine with me.  Bottom line is I do not think of myself as a person with a disability, I am just a person, a person who is thankful for being alive for having a wonderful family for having wonderful friends for being able to have the gift of gab and for having The common sense to open up my life in and write about it in a public forum such as this blog.  More to come later on today on this subject.