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So I don’t like to slam a small business but in this situation I feel it is necessary because someone decided that they were not happy with me and they backstabbed me instead of being honest. Over quarantine I found a gemstone and crystal dealer on Instagram. Started windowshopping and decided to open a box which means you can put a number of items for purchase in that box and I guess it’s my fault in the beginning that I didn’t necessarily always check the shipping requirements rules but as my experience went on I did look into the shipping issues and sales tax etc. but many times I’m like a kid in a candy store when I see oodles and oodles of crystals and gemstones etc. shopping online can be dangerous for many reasons but I believe it is the responsibility of the buyer but also the seller to keep things smooth transition wise if your seller has a different name on PayPal vs what they called them selves in lives that’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with youthat’s a red flag regardless of the fact they may or may not be going to a legal name change. Also if they tell you they’re going live on a certain day and they don’t but they schedule for the next day in the meantime they block you and leave you wondering what the fuck you did but they don’t tell you before they block you they don’t talk to you about their beef with you.There was a lot of things wrong with that situation. In the future I’m going to be more careful about who I do business with online if they are a “small business“ you damn well better have the paperwork. Of being a local business available business don’t just go out and get business cards or put a footer at the end of your PayPal account. Don’t tell people that you’re in Ohio or moving to Texas when you’re really in the state of Virginia. Moral of the story kids don’t do business online with shady people. In my own defense I should have looked into this company before working with it but also the other reason I’m making this post is because now I am being trolled by people who are claiming I don’t pay who are claiming I’m irresponsible which is not true I do pay my bills I am responsible but I expect and assume that the seller is going to be responsible as well. On her PayPal her name is Kristen Watkins but in her videos she goes by the name Calliope and she claims that she’s having your name legally changed to Calliope. I have no shame I have no reason to be dishonest all my legal paper work matches up. Do not troll someone when you only have one side of the story because there’s actually three sites. Her side her side and the truth but in this case I am speaking the truth.

When I first realized I was blocked from the company page with zero warning.
Nowhere on these Pages does she say she’s in Texas or Ohio but that’s what she cleans when she’s on her live.

COVID-19 is now believed to attack kids, kidneys, hearts, and nerves, not just lungs

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said Sunday that three New York children have died and 73 have become gravely ill with an inflammatory disease tied to COVID-19. The illness, pediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome, has symptoms similar to toxic shock or Kawasaki disease. Two of the children who died
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OK this is going to be rich entitled quarantine nutcracker because I feel like I want to bust somebody’s nuts for what seems to be playing me for fool and I thought I was able to spot a catfish from a mile away but apparently the past five weeks have been spent with what seems to be a very good liar-It has been several days since I have gotten a text message from him, the last text message was on Friday afternoon and apparently he had the weekend off with what he described was very low cell service but in previous conversations he had mentioned that he had very good cell service at home he had pretty good Wi-Fi but I have not heard shit-I am frustrated because in the back of my mind I feel like I was the victim of a catfish. Are usually do not “date“ people who do not have social media accounts i.e. Facebook i.e. Instagram etc. but silly me, I made the mistake I thought he could’ve been the one but that was just from the energy he was giving me at the time – I have thought it over especially today and come to the conclusion that if he truly gave a flying fuck-he would make certain that he would’ve gotten a hold of me as soon as possible which as of now he has not done. Well I was a smart ass this morning texted from a different number in a French dialect and I got a response which surprised me kind of though it was very nonchalant and I’m leaving it in his court right now because I’m tired of the games that he seems to be playing and at first he said he wouldn’t talk to someone he didn’t know and then he said I’m sorry I can’t talk I’m at work so I’m waiting to see what next happens in the meantime I am going to go about my day with my knitting and my tarot cards etc. I did a mini reading for myself this morning and even though I met still very green at it it was very inspirational and very telling so I’m going to continue to do my own readings occasionally since I do have a deck of tarot cards and a deck of wisdom cards and a deck of feather cards. I am a witch I am a happy witch I’m a witch that you don’t wanna fuck with in the wrong way. As for coronavirus and the quarantine I will be OK regardless of what the governor says regardless of what the president says if we all just work together we will get through this my sister witches are keeping me entertained in one capacity or another so life is good. End of a rant but don’t be surprised if another chapter in the story comes along.

Corona Note 1

Dear friends, during this coronavirus pandemic I have decided to teach myself how to work with lightweight yarn and luckily I was gifted some several months back and it is actually a discontinued product which sucks for me in the long run because I actually like this lightweight yarn that I was working with but thankfully I have an app that Can suggest similar product so that is going to be beneficial in the future endeavors when I want to work with lightweight yarn. I did not make anything very interesting with the lightweight yarn, I just did a swatch so I got the hang of things. Right now as I’m dictating this entry, I am watching TV having coffee and snuggling with my dogs. The veterinarians have said that during The staycation that humans need to limit their interaction with their pets-not happening because they are my emotional support critters and I could not do five minutes without them. I continue to see dramatic posts from random people but I also see the factual information that we need to learn and understand about the disease/Virus. As I posted on Facebook, I have decided to start doing your own reviews because there’s yarn I love and there’s yarn I just hate not because of the brand or the parent company it is because of the texture. I have recently organized my stash with the help of my mom and have pretty much everything properly placed. I have everything on display and in almost a show room fashion. I have a lot of cotton and I have a lot of acrylics and I have always worked best with the medium yarn but recently I decided to teach myself how to work with a lightweight yarn. Which I mentioned up above. Like I said the yarn has been discontinued but I definitely plan on continuing to teach myself I think I’m going to save the remainder of the unused yarn because if I end up purchasing some on my own, I will need to know what I like because this crafter has a key brain/goldfish memory. I am currently working on two different projects one on A larger needle and one on the size 6 circular that I recently heart yarn acquired which I have been debating whether or not to purchase the interchangeable circular pack or if I should buy them individually which makes sense economically and which ones will I use more. I have worked with different needles different yarns but before I purchased more of these particular needles that I just got I want to make sure that all the yards I have that I like to work will work with this particular needle. This needle is not new on the market but it is new to me and I’m excited because they have a built in cooler I’ve built in gauge and you can tell how large your project is when it’s on the needle. So since I worked on this entry, I tore out the chocolate cherry scarf because I want to reuse that yarn in a new project which I started this morning. A 90 stitch scrap yarn blanket wrap. I have a shit load of red heart yarn That I thought I would be used to make scarves because I once thought that I would become a scarf factory of sorts but that did not happen. I have had a pretty good day even though it is rainy and cold with a repeat on tap for tomorrow. March has come in like a lamb and is definitely going to go out like a fucking lion. Also I would like to make a note that this entire coronavirus thing has me thinking about where did it really come from who begin with it who is responsible who’s lying and who’s telling the truth-do I trust . Government government? No not really-am I registered Republican-yes I am but I’m an independent thinker I vote for the purpose not politician-do I like our UGGs for 2020 in the Democratic category absolutely fucking not-do I think Mr. Donald Trump is better in the White House then Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders absolutely but do I agree with everything Mr. Donald Trump says absolutely not. And I am spending today just like every other day with my dogs who there’s a report out that says that we should not be with our animals during this coronavirus pandemic but the government doesn’t understand fully that those of us with mental health issues depend on our animals and our animals depend on us. These animals that we all loved ones are absolutely living for the coronavirus staycation because they get their parents 24/7.