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My Little Pony Crochet Kit – crochet envy

My Little Pony Crochet Kit – crochet envy
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So I’m starting this category because it’s one of the reasons that I’m upgrading the entire website in early 2019. I’ve been handcrafting off & on since I was in my teen years. Knitting is something that relaxes me and keeps me connected with my late Nana, who passed in 2010-she’s the wonderful woman who’s responsible for teaching me the craft in basic stitches when we were on a mini vacation in our former island residence. When I started knitting, I did a ton of dishcloths, which I donated to the church for their Christmas Bazaar. I now make scarves & mini blankets for donations… I’m thinking about making custom orders but only if people are interested.  In my basement I have numerous skeins & cakes of yarn, yarn is just one thing that I collect… Since I turned 40, I’ve gotten into cosmetics & skincare, there was one day in August- I was actually still 39 but, I had these monster dark circles & puffiness…. Luckily I was out & about at the shopping center…. Ulta Beauty became one of my favorite places….. I discovered the awesomeness of neutral eyeshadows and primers… Covering up those imperfections for the rest of the day started the love of makeup, people have always told me that I don’t look my age but #sorrynotsorry, there’s days that I feel like I’m freakin’ 80 years old… Anyway back to the hobby of crafting, I use it as a meditation as well. Zoning out & knitting is my way of complete relaxation other than snuggling with my furbabies.