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End Of Day Thoughts

Dear Friends, I’m sitting here in bed while the girls are asleep. This morning, the news about Beth Chapman didn’t necessarily surprise me but I am indeed concerned and worried about her and her family. I didn’t go to the gym this morning because I felt like cardio was more important. Also, I got a few things in the way of storage that I have been wanting for a while now. I got a second organization box for my room and also a wish list item for my knitting therapy. I have adopted many jumbo skeins of yarn that are 7 once or larger. The yarn drum can be used for both storage and also project assistance. I could ramble on about the yarn drum but will not. After 19 years in the broadcast booth for NASCAR, Darrell Waltrip announcers has retired from the announcer’s booth. Plus I am very happy to announce that my favorite driver Martin Truex Jr smoked the competition. It was victory number 4 of the 2019 season. I don’t know if we are going to be the champion this season or not but another flag on my fence would be absolutely amazing. Speaking of my outside area, I’m still intrigued by the idea of having a She Shed/She Space but I don’t think I want to spend thousands of dollars. But with regard to money and saving, I have to have a goal even if I don’t follow through on it. When I was shopping for my yarn drum, I saw some new yarn that I am kind of interested in but not completely certain if I can work with it because it’s bulky size 6. My current project is in a chunky size 4 and its the first time I have used twisted yarn.

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Crafting And Quick Thought

I have been very busy lately, and I’m very happy that last month is in the past. I have been very devoted to finishing the Sprinkles Blanket which is the largest project that I have embarked on. Working with PremierYarns is absolutely wonderful but I’m probably shifting to another brand for a while. This morning, I got the chance to go use my coupon at Jo-Ann. It was 55% off one item which I used the opportunity to get something I don’t usually. The winner is the Bernat Velvet yarn in Gray Orchid. I don’t quite know what I’m going to make which is what I can normally do now because every time I plan a project it backfires. My current project is far from perfect but it is what it is. I’ve done some windowshopping and there are definitely some things that I like not everything and come on with me or be sent to my studio. After I finish this blanket I’m going to work on my path rug and then maybe plan the next project. Knitting is my creative passion even though I am not a professional nor do I do anything perfectly. My blogging is not perfect either but it’s okay since just getting things out of my head makes everything better. So it’s back to the knitting and LivePD. I’ll be back later when there’s more on my mind.

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Just hanging out with the pups and watching television with my beverages. Sadly or not there is no worthy news to share from Google yet. Still shocked by the untimely death of Ms. Brenda. I’ll be working on my knitting project today so looking forward to seeing all the new yarns coming from my favorite companies. So many options to choose from when it comes to yarn.


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So I’m starting this category because it’s one of the reasons that I’m upgrading the entire website in early 2019. I’ve been handcrafting off & on since I was in my teen years. Knitting is something that relaxes me and keeps me connected with my late Nana, who passed in 2010-she’s the wonderful woman who’s responsible for teaching me the craft in basic stitches when we were on a mini vacation in our former island residence. When I started knitting, I did a ton of dishcloths, which I donated to the church for their Christmas Bazaar. I now make scarves & mini blankets for donations… I’m thinking about making custom orders but only if people are interested.  In my basement I have numerous skeins & cakes of yarn, yarn is just one thing that I collect… Since I turned 40, I’ve gotten into cosmetics & skincare, there was one day in August- I was actually still 39 but, I had these monster dark circles & puffiness…. Luckily I was out & about at the shopping center…. Ulta Beauty became one of my favorite places….. I discovered the awesomeness of neutral eyeshadows and primers… Covering up those imperfections for the rest of the day started the love of makeup, people have always told me that I don’t look my age but #sorrynotsorry, there’s days that I feel like I’m freakin’ 80 years old… Anyway back to the hobby of crafting, I use it as a meditation as well. Zoning out & knitting is my way of complete relaxation other than snuggling with my furbabies.