I am frustrated by the situation happening with the flag and why it’s all the sudden the target for controversy. Nobody gave a flying fuck about it till this church massacre happened but now people are wanting to rewrite history and distroy the past like it never existed. Well it’s a bunch of crap. The government needs to reevaluate itself because there’s other things more important than a piece of material. What about the flags of terrorist organizations who are beheading and drowning innocent people? Think about that before you complain about a rebel flag 

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Confederate Controversy 

After spending the day in town and doing my morning blog about the confederate flag situation,I’m thinking of another one because this story is definitely putting up a big ole fight. I am disgusted by companies pulling products related to the confederate flag and Dukes Of Hazard. What the hell did Luke Duke do to deserve/warrant the ban. Both Walmart + Amazon have removed related items from their stores. I don’t think that the companies understand the fact that bowing to hatred is just glorifying the animal’s feelings of negativity. I can guarantee that nobody has even thought about that factor. I don’t think that the flag itself should be taken down either. I do think that there’s other things massively more important in this country/society that needs to have attention paid to. I know not everyone will agree with me and my thoughts but I have the right to make my opinion known.