PHL Stand-off #LivePD:Philadelphia

Good morning Philadelphia, I am very thankful there were no fatalities with yesterday standoff-I am full of thoughts from yesterday. I am working in my head but I have things to do before I do my opinion blog. I thank God that our police officers are OK-I wish this subject outcome would’ve been different. He said that I wish the status of the subject would be different is just me being honest when it comes to injuring/killing law-enforcement I do not care about the suspect at all. I am back out of the shower and no makeup today because I want to stay focused on the unfolding investigation. God bless Philadelphia God bless our police officers- watching the aftermath unfolding is terrifying and heartbreaking. Thank God and Saint Michael that none of our officers were fatally injured and I agree that it was a miracle and our officers had to guard angels watching over them last night. I’m going to shut up and keep an eye on the news/articles coming out and see what unfolds. FYI there was a gentleman last night tweeting that I was very pissed off that I don’t care if you’re a thrillseeker or not just like I am I’m not good at tweet bullshit and anything that’s going to jeopardize any compromising situation. So with that being said, I am going to continue my knitting and relaxation with my dogs-praying for Philadelphia and any other city/state community where there is been gun violence recently whether it be a terrorist attack or domestic terrorism IDC. I agree with the mayor that we need to curb the gun violence but a basic gun law is going to be violated no matter which way we shake it if JoBlo is not supposed to have a gun he doesn’t give two shits he’s going to find a way to get a gun or get any kind of weaponry he desires. There’s something called a straw purchase which is what killed officer Bradley Fox of Plymouth Township. Anyway as I digress and get angrier I am going to shut up and follow the news. Thank you for reading thank you for supporting me and blessings being sent to anyone who needs them especially if you put on a uniform day in and day out.

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