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Angels X Witchy Stuff

#JBHagan you made your presence known this morning and I am so blessed to have had you as my dad! As many may or may not have been aware, I had a tumultuous few days emotionally. Thankfully I was able to purchase my chakra jewelry yesterday and I had immediate relief. Thank you for coming to visit and comfort the house. I feel like I am definitely on the correct path now. A few days later, I am having mixed days but sleeping well with the pups. Pink is sleeping a lot more than in the past so I don’t really know what to expect with her lifespan. She has been through a lot of things over the past 14 years. We are very blessed to have had her this long considering the crazy life she’s had. Anyhow, I do feel that the chakra pendants are assisting me with keeping me on an even keel even though I have had a few moments today. Right now, I am sitting on the couch with the pups watching television with my coffee & knitting. My Amazon order has been paid for and should be arriving by the 8th. Speaking of Chakras, I have enrolled in a course at the community center. Registration for the classes was am an adventure on its own but that’s another story for another entry. #LivePD is coming live at 8 pm instead of 9- looking forward to the events. For now, I am signing off for the day but before I go, the Amazon order is another witchy related haul.


In my blog you will find an assortment of thoughts, stories + news. Occasionally there's photos of events or Knitting projects etc I also do promotions/reviews of things I really like.

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