Frustrated Friday And Aftermath

Good evening and thank you sweet Lord for giving me a beautiful day after yesterday’s turmoil even though last night was another slippery slope, today was absolutely gorgeous in many ways except for the temperature. Last night there was another difference of opinion in the household and I have decided that from here on out regardless, I am going to keep my mouth shut which is not easy for me to do under any circumstance especially when someone upsets me. Are usually turn to my Internet audience to vent my feelings and make myself feel better. I woke up this morning, somehow thinking it was #SundayFunDay- but no it was Saturday-that was OK though-I’m still debating about going back to the gym on Monday morning because of the shenanigans and bullshit from yesterday-I’m still thinking about upgrading my home gym with other items because I don’t like the energy in LA Fitness anymore. To feel pressured to join a personal training program on top of being lied to about the monthly assessment being complementary sans signing up for the personal training, bullshit lies and I’m not gonna deal with anything in that realm anymore because I am not going to be stressed out in a place where I go to relieve stress and better myself. Anyhow as I sip my coffee #DecafCoffee this evening and I am drinking from my Hogwarts mug/Jeffree Star Metal straw – yes I said #JeffreeStar metal straw. I was blessed this morning in copious amounts at the King of Prussia Mall. I was always looking at the metal straws, but because of the fiasco W/shop a phi – I didn’t have confidence in ordering from #JeffreeStarCosmetics Website along with the fact I’m angry with him over his shade drama whatever you wanna call it W/Shane Dawson collaboration etc.-I am not giving my money to people who I don’t agree with their socializing if that makes sense on the flipside of things, I am very excited because I definitely got my #StrawberryDream in many ways today and yesterday and yesterday my mom was gracious enough to gift me the strawberry dream eyeshadow palette, today I woke up to not only a mention on Instagram but a product share. In other words #LunarBeauty used my photo from yesterday to advertise the continuing sale they are having where everything is half-price. I don’t know how long the sale is going to last but I was very very very excited to know that one of my favorite brands used my photograph in a promo. Now my uncle has a good question, are they going to give me any royalties or benefits for using my photo? I don’t think so and I don’t know-I don’t even know if they have a loyalty/ambassador program. Also, I added a new item to my skincare routine yes it includes hyaluronic acid-it is a beautiful pleasant-smelling moisturizer which can go on twice a day morning x night Olay Regenerist sculpting cream. So I don’t know where to end this wonderful update but since I haven’t really had a chance to sit relax and craft today I’m going to go do that before I hit the hay for the evening so I am counting my blessings and I am very thankful today.

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