Forever 21 Bankruptcy Signals a Shift in Consumer Tastes – The New York Times

The retailer fell victim to the eroding power of shopping malls and said it would cease operations in 40 countries and close up to 178 stores in the U.S. — Read on

King of Prussia Mall: Here are the new stores coming this fall | News Break

It may only be August, but we’re already thinking ahead to autumn. While the leaves fall, new stores will be popping up at King of Prussia Mall (160 N. Gulph Road). Here’s a look at ten slated to open during the fall months. All information courtesy of the King of Prussia Mall website ( —Continue reading “King of Prussia Mall: Here are the new stores coming this fall | News Break”

Hobby Lobby Muggin

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, during today’s outing I’ve finally popped my hobby lobby cherry in the sense that I bought my first items and they were not yarn but that doesn’t mean that you’re in is not in my future there because I flirted with some store brand product and definitely interested in tryingContinue reading “Hobby Lobby Muggin”

Calabasas 2 King Of Prussia v2

Good morning King of Prussia, just relaxing if you can call it that I’ve been just got finished with my Morphe Haul Which did not cost me a damn thing because it was free and I was a grand winner.-It’s not even 11 o’clock yet and people are swarming the store-mind you the rest ofContinue reading “Calabasas 2 King Of Prussia v2”

Calabasas 2 King of Prussia v1

Good afternoon my friends, I am sitting here working on the Americana project and thinking about tomorrow-it’s going to be crazy absolutely crazy but it’s going to be fun even though I did not win the meet and greet-I have not spent an exorbitant I’m at the mall in a long time and I’m actuallyContinue reading “Calabasas 2 King of Prussia v1”

Morphe Babe KOP

Good evening, I am still waiting to hear back from Morphe about the Jeffree star meet and greet-whether I win or not it’s going to be an awesome event to know that he is coming to my town to do the grand opening of the King of Prussia location. Rest assured, I will update asContinue reading “Morphe Babe KOP”