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Amputated Bug Legs

So with #LittleBitches being done I am now moving onto the next bugaboo in my life which is not really of a bugaboo it’s more like another chapter to #LittleBitches, #AmputatedBugLegs, This morning when I was doing the dishes I snapped the legs of a waterbug or Millipede, with that being said I went to the gym I did my business, I went to #UltaBeauty and got my business accomplished which was to do my cardio and get some pictures etc. do some reviews more like promotions but I did and then I went to REI because there were some high school/college age adolescence at the beauty shop which was somehow annoying my senses so I removed myself from the situation and actually to be completely honest they were the inspiration for the title #LittleBitches. I realized at dinner time tonight/this afternoon, that my moods fluctuate depending on the Barometer so these mental aliens that I’ve been experiencing very well could be the result of a fucked-up barometer. Also I’ve been witnessing my 14-year-old slowly go downhill, she is still here she is still energized but it takes her longer to do certain things and I know with hounds or with any breed of dog, it can sometimes be #TheLongGoodbye- not something that I want to experience this year or next or even the year after that but unfortunately I know one of these years it will happen, unfortunately our canine companions cannot live forever. Anyhow since I’ve published #LittleBitches, my mood has gotten better I don’t know if the barometer is gotten better or not but I know that is one of the causes of my mood swings-I’m sitting here with my knitting project on my lap and #LivePD On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming #LivePD #WeekendTV. On my TV set, looking forward to seeing him on I can stay up tonight knowing that a fresh episode is coming to #LivePD #WeekendTV I do not know why exactly but I’ve been knocked off my Instagram several times within the past few days all of them at one point or another I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Instagram/Facebook bullshit but I’m tired of it-I’ve been publishing on #FacebookPages more than regular Facebook lately because I’m trying to avoid drama whether it be catfights political bullshit or just stuff I don’t want to subject myself to. Living in the dog room with my kids is a sacrifice that I know that isn’t going to be forever but having an elderly dog does have its own stresses I’m wondering if that is also part of the problem knowing that her life isn’t forever-the constant backache the constant muscle issues etc. not having full privacy is a constant problem having to adapt my routine because I am living in the public space. Living in a household where one of the adults is unable to recognize that I need my own space sometimes and walking through when I’m trying to sleep or when I’m trying to have my time is really fucking annoying. Not being able to close a bedroom door/take a bath whenever I want to every night-yeah that’s the stresses I’m living with right now. Yes, sometimes I know I talk too much about too many personal things but this is my journal this is my therapy I need to talk about it and get it out or I will go stir crazy like hot oil and popcorn. OK, so next thing is once again thanking my followers and readers for putting up with my bullshit. So with that, all said I am going to log off and work on some knitting which is my meditation.


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