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It is in my opinion, that most of today’s “reality TV“-comes from possibly the IQ of some of #GenerationNow-I’m talking about the current generation, sometimes I wonder about the brain cells of the millennial population because a lot of the reality TV today is fucking stupid-I feel bad for the generation who does not understand certain programs because they just May not be popular right now. I am very happy very lucky that I grew up in the 80s and 90s and early 2000’s because I am able to have the memories of TV and of news media that are not biased that are not trying to brainwash do you etc. I am from that generation where #BeverlyHills90210 was a cult favorite & @COPSTV Was the number one rated Saturday night show on fox TV. This is probably going to turn into another rambling rant just like the one that I did regarding #TheCrefeldSchool, I miss the innocence and the way of life back then but sometimes I wonder what it would’ve been like if we had social media back then-I miss the days of innocence. OK so as I said above I have a feeling that this is going to turn into more than just a page entry. Like I said in #TheCrefeldSchool blog entry , I miss the days of innocence I miss the days where we didn’t have to worry about school shootings in America-I know that they’re probably were some interesting domestic terrorism incidents happening but I don’t remember them being on a national scale that they currently are iPhone I feel like America is somewhat pissed off that we have a republican president I feel like there was not the outcry of racism of poverty of white nationalist etc. when we had a Democrat president I feel like people are trying to make mountains out of mole hills when it comes to police brutality in the sense of when the police neutralize a suspect because they pose a threat. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, any individual who poses a threat to the community to law-enforcement, law-enforcement has the right to neutralize that person for the safety of the officer and the community I don’t necessarily believe that weaponry has to be involved because a verbal threat is just as good in my mind it’s a physical threat if someone promises violence whether it be current or upcoming that is a domestic terrorism threat. When people say that mental illness is the card they pull out of the minion that’s a slap in the face to people who really have a mental illness-and for the record autism is not a mental illness it is a brain dysfunction and everybody on the planet is not mentally L if they have autism if they have any type of brain injury that is not a mental illness-I had an experience yesterday at the grocery store where I was looking for a specific product which was “discontinued“ because apparently it was a trial run at the store anyway I was talking to two different employees of the market and found out that autism and attention deficit disorder/attention deficit hyper active disorder not only are intermingled together but often misdiagnosed for each other. This conversation came up because it was a young boy who was having a meltdown in the grocery store and his parental unit was not paying attention was not doing anything to help the situation-the woman I was talking to, has an eight-year-old grandson-who was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder as a young boy but two years ago which was the same time I figured out my autistic relationship/diagnosis, is when this young boy was rediagnosed with autism. FYI I did the math with my budget this month, and I am able to comfortably purchase collaboration part two tomorrow and I also have other ideas to work towards for October in my scheme of life so I am very happy I am learning how to conserve and not be so damn impulsive #SorryNotSorry If I offend anybody because I am speaking my mind in the beginning of this blog and I will not apologize for having my thoughts about life and the community we live in-speaking of the community we live in my specific community that I’ve lived in for 30+ years, I have definite reservations about everything going on in this community but over the past few years with the growing economically and brick and mortar stores wise-I am very content with what’s going on in my community except for the politics and the excessive building-transportation-it’s going to be a fucking nightmare and the crime and drug community is going to invade my hometown if this fucking septa high-speed line comes through-I’ve been watching intervention: Philadelphia is a six week mini-series and I’m scared that all the drugs and crime/criminals are going to come to the suburban Philadelphia area-yes we might have to hire more police officers yes we might have to hire more security guards but the point is we should not have to deal with the fucking epidemic of drugs in USA Philadelphia in the suburbs and when I say drugs in the USA, I am sad about the opiate epidemic across the country but also I saw something on Twitter this morning about terrorists disguising themselves as refugees. Yeah, that could happen that is horrible. I shared several articles this morning about President Trump and his ideas for immigration the one that I really enjoyed was his handling ideas for green card immigrants, I agree with him when he wants to withhold certain “privileges “ because if you really want to come here for a better life you don’t want to “live off the government“ you shouldn’t be living off the government if you are an immigrant to my country as for the people who are legitimately on disability Social Security etc. God bless you those of you who legitimately are on disability or have a disablement that prevents you from holding a regular job God bless you- anyway I am fortunate that I don’t have any vices anymore except for coffee /Caffeine. As I digress, I am very happy that Kevin Harvick won the race last night at Michigan and it was very cool to see his young son be able to participate in the victory Lane services ceremonies and it would be totally awesome if Keelan had his dream come true. His dream is to raise his daddy on the track someday by being that Kevin Harvick is 43 years old & Keelan is only seven – will daddy still be racing when Keelan is old enough to race with all that being said, I will be back later with more ramblings whenever I feel the urge to drop so thank you for reading and subscribing etc. I will talk to you later…

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