Neurodivergent Bewitching

OK good morning/good afternoon, I am sitting here at my island in the kitchen, watching I dream of Jeannie-waiting on bewitched. Just witnessed a traffic stop on my street which I am very proud of my Township/Police Department for doing these random traffic stops in residential and also commercial areas I believe it is important to crack down on traffic offenses and other law breaking Acts. This morning I realized that my favorite actress-Elizabeth Montgomery-and myself have some very witchy similarities. We look somewhat alike and I find that a blessing because she was so creative as an actress etc. I don’t know if there is any familiar relations but I don’t think I’m going to investigate very much. Just take pride in the doppelgänger And speaking of taking pride, I am very happy to be figuring out my Harry Potter connections also furthering my witchcraft knowledge/education. I am very blessed to have friends in the craft and it is very surprising to find out which of your friends may be an undercover witch. I am very happy and thankful to have come out of the closet –it has definitely helped me in more ways than not and I don’t feel like there is anything evil in the craft unless you have negative intention which I don’t. I think I talked about this before, about the drama in the beauty community and how it is affecting me personally-I don’t wanna be a part of the drama and I’m not going to throw money at people who are involved in drama. Right now I feel like I have enough product by certain artists/influencers/creators so my next purchase is going to be from my friends at LunarBeauty because I feel like Manny Gutierrez is not dramatic it’s not want to go for the bullshit drama craziness unlike Shane Dawson Jeffree Star Jaclyn Hill James Charles. Yes I am a fan of Jeffree Star, yes I have his products yes I love his products, Yes I have the second Jaclyn Hill Morphe collaboration but she lost my business when the vault came out I was going to get it and I was excited about it but not when it had all the problems manufacture wise and then she had problems with her own cosmetics brand, which Was rumored to be attached to Morphe. Anyhow it cosmetics rent was not what I came here to do completely today, I came to release feelings about my craft which I’m very blessed with the abilities of being an autistic witch. I am very blessed to be able to call myself autistic-I say blessed because I am proud of my abilities and I don’t find them disabilities or illnesses or mental illnesses or whatever you wanna call-I have mental health issues we all deal whether we recognized him or not is up to the individual. I decided to reveal mine and investigate mine because I feel it’s important to my health and well-being. Yes I’m autistic yes I have Cerebral Palsy. Do I give a flying fuck what people think of me yes but also no yes because I don’t want to offend anybody but no because I do what’s important for me what keeps me on an even keel. There are definitely more articles that I want to share today which is what I’m going to do after I finish writing/editing this entry. Have a beautifully blessed weekend I will talk to everybody later.

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