Friday Rambling

So with my mind wandering lately, I am thinking about how to set up my witchy & zen area in my bedroom. Yes, I am currently in the doghouse of sorts, but right now I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my furbabies and I will do anything they request even if it makes me crazy. So this morning I did some scouting of space left in my bedroom and I am definitely going to need to merge my witch & zen zones. Thinking in the future yes I am, I know I will not be returning to my bedroom until something drastic happens. Sleeping with my pups is a privilege because I love my girls – I am their world. I remember when I had to move my beauty arsenal into my room.  It seems like everything is going to be consolidated into one room. I’ll have to redo my closet and cabinets as well. I know that this entry is going to sound as if I’m waiting on death so I get my personal space back. Honestly, I miss my own bedroom because I’ve got zero privacy. I have said it before but I totally wish my house had a different layout. Anyway, I’ve been up in my original bedroom several times today just trying to envision how things could work. I am definitely going to clean out a ton of unnecessary crap. Looking back at when I relocated my cosmetics collection from the bathroom, I had to clean/reorganize the six-drawer dresser. Now I’m going to split the dresser into dual usage- part is going to be the beauty vanity and the other is going to be my Witchy Space. I’m still going to need to find a zen zone & maybe a book nook. The book nook is probably going to share the area of my crafting corner. Good Lord, I’m going to be busy as heck come the future. I have spent most of my day on the Yoga Balance while I was knitting- I feel like I should be making things for other people, but whatever I do, it ends up a canine blanket or something similar. I’m in a damn crafting rut. Social media posts of mine have always been edgey but I keep kicking it up one notch on the daily because I’m finding photos that completely sum up how I feel about certain things, specifically the lack of social life & “bullying” of sorts. I’m always talking to somebody somewhere but I feel like I can not find a flirtationship that’s quality enough to go into a relationship. I have always loved hotel settings, Especially #TheEvenHotel where they have an in-room yoga studio. As I am relaxing with the pups I am daydreaming about the updates of decor to my bedroom. I definitely want to put a few things on the wall, especially a chakra banner and some prayers -having a bedroom with naked walls isn’t warming.  My bedroom has been abandoned since I’m sleeping in the doghouse. Starting tomorrow I am going to start picking out decor. 

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