Weekend & Coronavirus

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – today I did an impromptu volunteering at one of my own jobs and I actually had a really really good time-I do not intend to go back full-time because to be honest-retail feet. Walking back-and-forth on those floors at the mall kills your feet. But I definitely had a stellar 5 1/2 hours today. It was definitely a fun day and it continues to be an interesting week. I have seen my friends five days in a row since I started this entry and I have been keeping track on the coronavirus as it sweeps the USA. I will say that I have gone out into the wild every day for short amounts of time and there’s been entertainment every single day whether it be social media or in real life social events and I am very blessed in the social events category because I have some wonderful friends in the real world as well as my virtual family. Getting to see my friends every day is a real bonus for me it makes my anxiety really low it makes my self-esteem really high I have been really productive in the knitting categories I have enlarged my yarn collection and my incense collection somewhat ridiculous some may say but when you are a crafter with many hats, there is never enough product in the world I have said this before, if I could live remotely and just have my stash of yarn and metaphysical supplies etc. and just the people I love or even a way to communicate with the people I love I will be content. The coronavirus has interrupted everybody’s lifestyle in one way or another and honestly I am really really surprised that schools and businesses did not figure out that it would be better in some regards to work remotely to teach remotely and I kind of wish that there was a remote option even when there isn’t a world global health crisis.So before I go nuts in repetitiveness I’m going to log off and take a rest with my dogs but I will be updating with articles from the Center for disease control and the world health organization or any other relevant entity that has credible information.

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