electric power washer

Hello, I have not written a journal entry in a hot minute but I thought today would be a good day considering it’s been extremely busy and unpredictable. Started as your typical Wednesday with knitting and YouTube video watching. Quickly turned into chaos as we were having the company come power wash the house which should not have been a big deal but the morning ended with the fire department the police department and no power. Thankfully for the generator which we didn’t have to activate but everything was delayed significantly today and I did not get my walk at the mall. By the way, I did publish an article on recent information from an attempted robbery at the mall. I hate that Kind of shit in my backyard. I live within 5 miles of our mall and it makes me crazy that people from Philadelphia parade up here and commit crimes of every definition. anyway, we were just having our house power washed we thought it would be a simple one-day event which was a one-day event it just expended a little bit longer than we all had expected with a little bit more chaos than predicted. it has been a while since station 56 came to play it but luckily it didn’t last very long today and the electrician was able to get out here and fix the said situation after several members of the fire department cleared the situation themselves to answer any questions, no we did not have to evacuate nor did the dogs have to Leash up. just thankful we have a fenced-in yard and blocked off the dining room/former dining room. The company we used has been in business for nearly 20 years and they’ve encountered this problem less than a handful of times. And on another note, I still have not found the celebration cake at Costco. Frustrating very frustrating because it was advertised on Instagram now I love the content creators that I follow when it comes to everything I follow whether it be food or other necessity. But when a product is featured that is not available in my location I get very very frustrated. – as I sit here writing this entry, I am using my endless hearts MagSafe case from #GetCasely along with the matching power pod that came in the mail the other day – I had the case from shortly after the #UvaldeSchoolShooting hi I am pretty certain that this company is the only one who selected an item from their lineup that at the time of purchase all proceeds from this case regardless if it was classic, bold, MagSafe, Battery case Dash my only wish is that they would have made the case and power pod combo. I’m happy but I have Uber knitting to do tomorrow because I can’t knit in the dark. if you are a friend on Instagram or MeWe or Snapchat, you got to see photo evidence but I’m not posting that on my blogs. enclosing, I am going to go to sleep early maybe and work overtime on the stitching tomorrow but I’m going to spend the rest of the day editing blogs because both channels have a backlog.