Live PD Host Dan Abrams Calls Show Cancellation an ‘Overreaction’

A&E canceled Live PD in the wake of ongoing protests over police brutality across the United States — Read on

Haverford commissioners announce reinstatement of Bon Air Fire Company — pending changes

The decision came the same day the Main Line fire company agreed to dismiss volunteer Bruce McClay Jr. after he admitted he tried to join the extremist group Proud Boys. — Read on

Upper Merion Twp Citizen TaskForce

So a few days ago I created a new page for residents of Upper Merion Twp who are frustrated with certain things going on in our community. It’s called #UpperMerionTwpCitizenTaskForce aka @UMTwpCTF which is a new Facebook page and will be on Twitter under the handle @UMTwpCitizen. Anyhow there are a plethora of things happeningContinue reading “Upper Merion Twp Citizen TaskForce”