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Tori Spelling Talks ‘BH90210’ Season 2: Interview – HollywoodLife

Tori Spelling Talks ‘BH90210’ Season 2: Interview – HollywoodLife
— Read on hollywoodlife.com/2019/10/08/tori-spelling-bh-90210-season-2-interview/amp/

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Good Morning All

I’m just having my coffee with my sidekick  and decided that it’s time to compose another original entry. I’m watching television (AETV) and I’ve seen the promos for July where there will be new seasons of Wahlburgers, Donnie Loves Jenny & the series premiere of Lachey’s Bar. I’m kind of excited I’m also going to the four other news to write about today but I just wanted to let everybody know that I’m in a good mood today so I hope everybody had a great day I’ll be back later


Opinions of Tuesday programs

So I just finished a few reblogging entries thanks to Perez. Now I’m going to vent a little bit about what I thought of yesterday, pretty much a good day and I totally love my new sheets from wayfair. But aside from that,I am not sure how I feel about the soon to be over season two of MAFS,I really like all of the couples and wish them well no matter what the outcome is of their relationships, I love the fact that they are all very open to the fans. I am happy to say that I’m twit pals with a lot of the cast members. I wish them all the happiness no matter what happens because it takes a lot of confidence to go into this experience. 
With regard to the CNN conversation with my friend Perez, I thought that he did awesome as usual I thought that some of the other commentators on the program or rather insensitive and negative towards the situation. The object of the network was probably to get different opinions which is fine but the way it took a sour turn was not good Ivan it got rather nasty and even Perez himself was not happy about that which I do not blame and one iota. bottom line it is very difficult to have a conversation this day and age without having someone being nasty. update on these thoughts are on the way when I can sort them out