May 29 + #MyDailyReview

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I just got done with my walk and I have a little bit of fresh information. The malls are not going to reopen until we are in the green phase Furthermore I am OK with the fact that we are not fully opening right away because there are some assholes out there who are not paying attention to what the CDC and other important officials are saying. Speaking of importance, the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis Minnesota is going into its fourth or fifth day of rioting and looting. These people are demanding etc. and yet they are tearing apart their hometown or we have people being bussed into the city by George Soros who are destroying the town either way the town of Minneapolis and other towns around the country are being destroyed by thugs and that is a word being used by our wonderful president who is being censored and fact checked by Twitter and also there’s things on Instagram and Facebook etc. that are being β€œfact checkedβ€œ and high have made the appropriate moves/partial moves to other networks because I will not have my voice my freedom of speech fucked with. I am spending my day knitting and editing and FYI the officer/former officer in the murder of Mr. George Floyd has been arrested and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter. Taylor Swift is apparently being a bitch towards the president and that is an article I’m going to post I’m not going to comment on it until I have skimmed the article but today’s gonna be a crazy day I pray that the powers that be can get their shit together and calm down the townβ€˜s people because America should not be as rowdy nation has other uncivilized communities around the globe. But also we have rainy weather and sunshine at the same time. Looking forward to next week where Pennsylvania Philadelphia and her communities in the suburbs will be under the yellow flag which means that we are moving forward and I am OK with the mall not opening until July at the earliest because people are stupid people don’t care people are going to just be happy to get out of the house which I understand but at the same time there are going to be security checkpoints they are going to be medical measures there’s going to be limitations and I for one really appreciate that. The only thing I miss about the mall is a controlled climate for exercise and my friends who work at the various stores either friends or acquaintances.