Multiple Day Rambling Update

Good morning, welcome to another beautiful day & I have made a decision that I’m gonna crackdown on my food intake and get back to being healthy. I want to be comfortable with my body. so last night I thought about not turning on my electronics today but I’m realizing that’s not possible-I need my devices to function and study etc. and when I say function I mean work. I’m just going to stay off certain websites today because I do not need to fucking drama and when I say fucking drama I mean things that will raise my anxiety. So I just got home from errands and I am in a very good mood I am watching TV I am sitting in the air-conditioning I am getting ready to work on my basket blanket and do some more studying etc. my mom is the best, she just boosted my membership status at one of my favorite stores I am now platinum at #UltaBeauty I am looking forward to the next couple which Bibles I am going to acquire-there is some awesome stuff coming from one of my favorite authors #ShawnRobbins. She has two books coming out in October and November and there is a planner coming out which I’m probably going to get even if I do not need it just because I’ve really like the wisdom they put in the witchy planners. And on other news fronts, I have a diva dog in my 14-year-old hound has decided that she is on a human food kick and she will not eat her kibble but she still likes milk bones and other treats specifically #BlueBuffalo and on the other news fronts, I have a diva dog-my 14-year-old hound has decided that she is on a human food kick and she will not eat her kibble but she still likes milk bones and other treats specifically #BlueBuffalo treats. And so with today almost over, I am in a pretty good mood even though I am seriously concerned about DTBH. Duane is currently hospitalized in Colorado for a heart ailment. It ‘s a rumor that it could have been a heart attack and surgery might be a necessity. So as far as a necessity, I just picked up another full-size liquid lip from Morphe -JSC in the color Leo. I figured that I’m only going to get the full sizes that match volume three. I love the idea of the box sex but #DoINeed All of that really for that price, plus with my witchcraft-I have to to be choosy Book study is more important than makeup. Because the book study is a mental health improvement task. I am very blessed to have the family and friends that I do whether they be off-line or online-I am not even one month into my studies and I’ve made a handful of new friendships. I post more on Instagram-not just selfies I am sharing information and stuff that I’ve learned. Life is good for me right now even if I am still single, I’m not complaining about being single at all I may complain about other things but my relationship status is not going to be one of them. Now I had seen an article about Dwayne Chapman having a heart emergency over the weekend. Blessed be and God has shown him mercy, it was not a full-blown heart attack. I just wish God would show that entire family mercy so they do not have to go through any more health scares. In closing, I will be studying tonight and I will be crafting yarn tonight and watching TV as always. I don’t know what time I will close my eyes but this little witch needs to sleep soon.

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