Triple Day Rambling Tea

Good Morning and Happy Sunday, I am working my tail off today just as any other day of the week. Thankfully, the weather is being somewhat kind as it is above freezing. Meaning that I don’t need to get hot coffee. Though because of another twisted ankle, I’m going slow as molasses. Last night, I put in an offer on Poshmark for the weekend festival eyeshadow palette & it was accepted. Just like with certain TooFacedCosmetics, I collect certain items. I love BHCosmetics because of the formula. I have a good social networking relationship with certain companies and as an influencer, it’s my duty to spill the tea. Just like JeffreeStar does with certain companies etc. Regarding Jeffree, I am going on a diet because I am not pleased with drama. Today, the activity will be of the crafting variety. It could be knitting or could be witchcraft! I’m so much happier as a witch and don’t really care about other opinions as long as my immediate family understands why. Anyway, I am enjoying the day watching CopsTv and going back and forth with the the last event of the season just because it’s always a nerve racking thing. The 4 running for the cup have all been there before except for Denny Hamlin. The only repeat champion I would be pissed off about is Kyle Busch. So it’s Monday and I just saw the Cheetos make up in person & JeffreeStar is right -blah it’s nothing to write home about even though I am including it in the entry. On the other hand, even though I love Jeffree, I am not happy with him at the moment, he is throwing shade at different people throwing shade at him. I also learned some things about him from the past that I don’t like-apparently he supported bulimia or suggested people should be bulimic-not sure which one but as someone who has an image disorder which I don’t always talk about – I don’t appreciate people suggesting something for someone else’s well-being. Not everybody has an amazing metabolism that can eat whatever they want and still stay slim. up until I was 29-ish, I was able to stay below 130 pounds-I haven’t seen that weight in several years I would love to be that size again but I’m not going to starve myself etc. just to fit an image that society wants. But back to the cosmetics genre, I do have a few more things to say about the community. I’ve mentioned that Kat Von D is controversial as is the case with James Charles but I recently learned that there are problems with TooFacedCosmetics – something with regard to the NikkiTutorials collaboration where apparently she was not paid for the unit sales. With that said, I still love and use my TFC just like I love my JSC products and will continue to use them. Also, I am still using my NYXCosmetics. So I have some interesting news about Anastasia Beverly Hills X Huda Beauty, no they are not collaborating, I have news on both. I haven’t officially tried either brand but I would be more inclined to try Anastasia vs Huda because apparently Huda is homophobic etc. With that said, I wouldn’t give someone my money who isn’t open to the entire customer base. With regard to Anastasia Beverly Hills, I have looked at it before I think they released a lot in a rapid succession and their prices are A little high for my blood four colors that are already in my beauty collection so would I try them yes but would I try them retail absolutely not. But I think I have drawn this entry on long enough and I’m going to say good night to this entry. Thank you for bearing with me on this rambling post. day

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