End Of Day Rambling

OK, I just wanted to do a quick follow up for my day, yes I had a pretty awesome day until I had to go to the dentist. Nothing personal towards the dentist it’s just that my nerves get jacked up in more ways than one and I always get thrown into a panic attack/anxiety attack. Happily say that I do not have any cavities but I am still reeling from the anxiety-I did get to do some metaphysical shopping today at Barnes & Noble booksellers. I did not join the club because they are not my number one source or reading materials-I purchased a book it was suggested to me when I first started my spiritual journey-I am still waiting for my eBay order of #AWitchesBible. Understanding that it is coming from Florida with the weather as is down there I understand why it’s taking so damn long #UPSGround-Anyway as I am dictating this message, I am working on my knitting along with watching #GhostHunters on #AETV. I am very excited with regard to my beauty arsenal because it got some new additions today and I am probably gonna get some more things by the end of the year-oh my God it is September. I know that Jeffrey Starr has some things coming in December-ish Christmas time-ish-I have collected a lot since May. Hey, I’m going to be very cautious in the next couple weeks not spending any money because I spent more than I intended to today. Ran out of the house without coffee so I had to pick one up at Starbucks also I picked up an extra lip scrub when I was picking up my selection at Morphy. Also, I forgot to use my five dollars off at Sephora-poops but oh well there are more items in the #PeachesAndCream-Collection Release update than what I purchased but at this time I have enough setting spray and mascara and I use different brands of everything so I don’t stockpile oodles of one product /brand. Tonight is a big night for me TV-wise, we have episode number five of #BH90210 we also have the Premier of #DogsMostWanted and we have the continuation of #GhostHunters all airing at 9 PM. So tonight I will be trying to disembark my anxiety attack and return my energy to positive also doing research on various topics either in my handbook or on the Internet. I’m also going to be knitting Unfortunately because of the anxiety attack, I am overly tired so I don’t know what time I’m going to bed. So before I start babbling like a parrot I am going to shut up and in this post

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