Preempting Chaos

 OK so I just download a Google docs because other apps are annoying as shit and they open in black background and you cannot necessarily say what the fuck you’re doing. I just published a post on my personal Facebook about what happened today being that LA Fitness decided to harass me via telephone or at least they tried to and I did not answer nor did they leave a message but I have not been in the gym since Friday and on Friday, they tried to bully me Into signing up for the personal training program-I am just fine with my silver sneakers membership and I have posted about this a few times on Twitter etc. in tonight I posted on Whisper about the situation in short-come to find out that LA Fitness has a brand/company is infamous for bullying members and when I first joined the program/ gym said I was not interested The personal training program because I honestly didn’t find it necessary because I was content with working on my own and I still am content with working on my own. They got a new fitness manager and he told me incorrectly that there was a “complementary monthly fitness assessment“-and I found out that you must sign up for the personal training programv to have access to the complementary fitness assessment on a monthly basis. Well, I am not going to pay $200 or higher a month for a personal trainer. Granted I did have my ass kicked on Friday which was good but no thank you to spending the money out of pocket-I am on a budget on a regular basis. December has barely begun and I’m already almost in the red because of holiday shopping and wish list/bucket list items that I found along the way the past few days thanks to sales. I have acquired a lot of things for my witchcraft and I’ve also done my holiday shopping. Anyhow I don’t know my future with LA Fitness but I know what I want and I know what I’m not gonna deal with anything that goes for personal professional or health-wise That’s all I’m going to say right now because there is a post going up tonight with more detail so I’m going to log off and try and get some other work done. 

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