11 story building with 503 apartments proposed for Plymouth Meeting Mall | News Break

Plymouth Township Councilmember Chris Manero posted on social media today information about a proposed 11-story, 503 unit apartment building at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. IMPORTANT INFO! In the spring, many residents attended our workshop meeting in which PREIT presented plans to develop a parcel at the Plymouth Meeting Mall for roughly 400 upscale apartments. ManyContinue reading “11 story building with 503 apartments proposed for Plymouth Meeting Mall | News Break”

Bars, Restaurants, King of Prussia Mall Remain Open Despite Coronavirus

In light of the coronavirus crisis in Philadelphia and Montgomery County, Governor Wolf has asked all “non-essential” businesses to close. They haven’t. — Read on http://www.phillymag.com/news/2020/03/13/coronavirus-philadelphia-king-of-prussia-mall/

Hello 2020

Good Morning, in between holidays I am finding the time to write the final entry of the year. I know that I don’t have a set pattern of blogging except for making certain that I have a daily post. I do not always have the greatest pool of material to choose from but that’s becauseContinue reading “Hello 2020”

Thursday Thoughts

Good morning and happy Thursday, I just got finished at the gym-a place I have not been in a few days because of drama that I didn’t want to participate in an energy I didn’t want to be in so I took a mental health break. Absolutely wonderful to be able to go back-I doContinue reading “Thursday Thoughts”

Cyber Monday Chaos

So I tried to make this post earlier but thanks to extreme activity for cyber Monday, I was unable to publish also lost the post because it was supposedly posting for over five minutes. Right now I need to remember exactly what I said and it’s not gonna be that difficult because I’ve had anContinue reading “Cyber Monday Chaos”

Preempting Chaos

 OK so I just download a Google docs because other apps are annoying as shit and they open in black background and you cannot necessarily say what the fuck you’re doing. I just published a post on my personal Facebook about what happened today being that LA Fitness decided to harass me via telephone orContinue reading “Preempting Chaos”

Black Friday Frustration

So I am really frustrated with this morning because it could have been avoided if people would just listen to me. I will first say that I really dislike anyone who is untruthful with me. On Monday I was told that I would get a free fitness assessment on a monthly basis but the newContinue reading “Black Friday Frustration”

My Health-Fitness Over Promotions

Good morning from King of Prussia, working out as I write this or part of this-depending on how long it takes to finish this entry-as much as I enjoy getting a little extra help from an energy beverage etc., I have decided that I am not going to continue the journey with the pre-workout supplement.Continue reading “My Health-Fitness Over Promotions”

TheTruth About Pre-workout Supplements| Do They Really Work?

If you are confused that do pre workout supplements work? Everything you need to know about the whole concept in order to understand in a bit detailed… — Read on http://www.myhealthparadise.com/do-pre-workout-supplements-really-work/