Terrorized And Chaotic

Dear Gods, I don’t know why life has to be so horrid as today (Tuesday) turned out. I was definitely having a good day until I heard the news that one of the ”Teen Mom” grandparents lost their fight against cancer! This is something that hits home for me as I lost my dad to cancer. It is a very nasty disease that I wish there was a cure for. Another thing that happened was another terrorist attack in the country that I love. Many people don’t necessarily qualify police-involved shootings as terrorism but those people are not me and I would question their respect for the law enforcement community. I do not give a fuck who you are, if you are living in a civilized society then you should definitely have respect for authority. Law enforcement officers and other first responders put their lives on the line on a daily basis protecting the public. I’m very frustrated with the violence against law enforcement agencies along with the random acts of violence happening around the globe. I know that it’s not politically correct for me to get upset about the terrorism but I honestly I don’t give a shit. As a historic affiliated American, I know for a fact that my ancestors were not the kind who would appreciate this behavior. When I say behavior, I mean not only the violence but also the insanely erratic actions of the liberal politicians. I know that Mr. Trump isn’t the greatest thing since sliced bread but he is what the higher powers blessed us with. In other news, I had a dental appointment which I am definitely not particularly happy with because it is a definite anxiety trigger. Regardless of what happens, I always have a lot of stress. Since it was a double appointment, I was able to go for a walk to get coffee, WAWA is definitely a great place to get quick eats. Fast forward to after the chaos I got to go shopping for some yarn along with going to get a much-needed haircut.  I had meant to take photos of my purchase. I got 4 small skeins of RedHeartYarns HelloGorgeous. Yes, I have some already in my inventory but I wanted more, I have a feeling that this is going to be a rambling post. I know that I have mentioned that I had wanted to build a home gym for those times when the weather or schedule prevented me from going to the gym. This morning I received my Yoga Ball, I had it inflated within 40 minutes which was great.The best part is that considering the drama with LAFitness, I practically have what it takes to get a workout in at home. 

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