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Walter Lübcke: German politician from Angel Merkel’s party found dead in ‘mysterious’ circumstances | The Independent

A German politician from Angela Merkel’s political party has been found dead in circumstances local media are describing as “mysterious”. Walter Lübcke, who led the district government in Kassel, reportedly died of a gunshot wound to the head in his own garden. Police say no weapon was found at the scene.
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Gay sex punishable by stoning to death under ‘vicious’ new Sharia laws brought in by Brunei 

The tiny oil-rich nation of Brunei already implements Sharia laws, with homosexuality punishable with up to ten years in prison. But under new amendments gay people could be stoned to death.
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Killer Zodiac Signs And How They Would Get Rid Of The Body After Murder, According To Astrology | YourTango

The killer zodiac signs have to clean up their mess and dispose of a corpse, but how would they do so? Astrology is a guide that provides information about our personalities, and depending on what you’re like, you’ll have a unique way of cleaning up your crime.
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David Goldberg dies following head trauma following exercise at a hotel in Mexico

Survey monkey CEO David Goldberg dies of head suffered after an exercise situation, there was an official who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not allowed to speak to the press now, if you were not supposed to speak to the press why the hell did you do it? Anyway here is the article which was originally put to Press by the Associated Press and shared on Twitter by a Florida news station which I follow: @WTSP10News