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Rambling X Crazy

Good Evening, I’m sitting here watching television and thinking about my next acquisition – whether or not it’s going to be cosmetic or crafty. Knowing that I have just completed my JSCXMORPHE mini lippie bundle in full-size, I don’t know what else is necessary to add to the Arsenal even though I am considering the v3 collaboration face brushes just because I really like them… I was kind of considering the mini artistry palette from James Charles but my connections are telling me not to waste my money but then MannyMua really likes the mini vs the OG. I have many items that I have on definite want as far as my magick goes. I also have a few ideas of what new yarns I want to add to the currently stable yarn stash. I am thinking of doing a smattering of scarves cause they are quick knits. So anyway I’m having a great day just because good things have been Occurring. When I was flirting with the James Charles mini, I had a feeling that something was going to cause me to change my mind. Whenever I change my mind it always has to has money involved? Okay, I am going to finish this entry with a few final thoughts. Today, the mood was fabulous just because but I also got some retail therapy and study in. Finally got my Celtic Moon pendant and got some energy recharge along with cosmetic study. I am not getting the James Charles palette nor am I getting the collection from Shane Dawson from JeffreeStarCosmetics because I am not a fan of the pig logo but the color story looks boring as hell. So maybe this entry is not over yet, I have made a decision about my next adoption of JSC. i’m getting the face brushes and I’m getting the 24K highlighter palette because I had figured out a few things #HalloweenMystery-Highlighter, All it is is two of his regular highlighters mixed together with black specs #Darkhorse And my decision has been made about the rainbow palette if I get one#WetXWild 40th anniversary palette and yes I know it’s #WetNWild so I will sign off and publish. Have a wonderful weekend and kick some ass.


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