Random Evernote Thoughts

OK today’s been a little strange-it started out really well and I was in a great mood we got the house cleaned up etc. and the shit hit the fan at the dinner table. Earlier in the day I had been working on one of the PCs and the mouse was on the counter whichContinue reading “Random Evernote Thoughts”

Tuesday Morning

OK good morning, I just switched from #OneNote, over to #Evernote because there were some situations that I didn’t like with #OneNote- otherwise my day so far has been pretty damn good even though I am low on Bankroll, it’s worth it when I’m happy . By this time everyone knows that I can beContinue reading “Tuesday Morning”

Saturday Rambles

Another stormy day in Philadelphia, I’ve been staying home a lot lately because of my sciatica nerve, yes I have a pinched nerve-no it’s not any fun. I’ve been sitting and knitting which isn’t a bad thing but I have not been to the gym that often but I did go this morning – IContinue reading “Saturday Rambles”

Random Thoughts

OK so I’m sitting on the couch just thinking and many things came to my mind. About my shopping addiction, about politics, about my social life, about everything really- yes I like shopping yes I like collecting certain things-am I a hoarder? No not necessarily because I use what I buy, whether it be makeContinue reading “Random Thoughts”

Blog Note II

So with my not wanting to post articles and I believe are too personal for the public viewing I think they should have kept somethings private-media needs to be more discrete sometimes and even though I do share a lot on my blog, there are things that I believe need to remain private-I don’t wantContinue reading “Blog Note II”

Blog Note

So I’m sitting here watching television, trying to ignore all the updates about Beth Chapman because it really hurts me to see the media release every single article possible and create article about the untimely unexpected passing-I’m going to spend the day knitting drinking coffee and watching television-I have already done my gym time alreadyContinue reading “Blog Note”


Just hanging out with the pups and watching television with my beverages. Sadly or not there is no worthy news to share from Google yet. Still shocked by the untimely death of Ms. Brenda. I’ll be working on my knitting project today so looking forward to seeing all the new yarns coming from my favoriteContinue reading “Chit-Chat”