Wendy Williams Husband Kevin Hunter Opens Up About Her Sobriety As New Photos Surface Of Him With His Mistress | Celebrity Insider

Just days after talk show host Wendy Williams revealed that she was living in a halfway house while she battled her addiction to alcohol and pills, — Read on celebrityinsider.org/amp/wendy-williams-husband-kevin-hunter-opens-up-about-her-sobriety-as-new-photos-surface-of-him-with-his-mistress-260657/

Addiction Rambling

So I have some interesting news about my #ShoppingAddiction #BeautyCollection, I am getting a second make up trolley from my favorite craft store. Michael’s Crafts has anything and everything in the way of organization and creativity in my opinion. While I do you shop in in other places, I do enjoy going on a shoppingContinue reading “Addiction Rambling”