Home Improvement’s Zachery Bryan Arrested, Allegedly Strangled Woman | PEOPLE.com

“An investigation found that during the dispute Bryan is reported to have assaulted the victim,” a police spokesperson tells PEOPLE in a statement — Read on people.com/tv/home-improvement-zachery-bryan-arrested/

Geena Davis Sells Los Angeles Home for $5.63 Million | PEOPLE.com

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Joe Montana Confronts Intruder After Kidnapping Attempt of Grandchild

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103 COVID-19 Cases in 8 States Linked to S.D. Motorcycle Rally

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Roger Goodell Wishes He Listened to Colin Kaepernick ‘Earlier’

“Well the first thing I’d say is I wish we had listened earlier, Kap, to what you were kneeling about and what you were trying to bring attention to,” Roger Goodell told Emmanuel Acho— Read on people.com/sports/roger-goodell-says-he-wishes-he-listened-earlier-about-colin-kaepernicks-kneeling-protest/

Tim McGraw Talks Years of Marriage to Faith Hill | PEOPLE.com

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Ellen DeGeneres’ Wife Portia De Rossi Speaks Out amid Talk Show Scandal | PEOPLE.com

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Black Survivor Alums Claim Reality Series Reinforced Stereotypes | PEOPLE.com

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Naya Rivera’s Son Is ‘in Good Health’ as Police Search for Glee Star

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Jennifer Aniston Says Wearing a Face Mask ‘Shouldn’t Be a Debate’

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