Monday Milestones

Blessed Monday, welcome to a new week and a new beginning of sorts. I have had so many questions about what’s fictitious and what is true blue since I came out. Coming from the closet has taught me that not everything you see/hear or read is necessarily the truth! As long as you believe in something then you are going to be okay. Yes, I believe in God but I know there are others besides him. It’s definitely a feather in my witch hat when I get kudos from my favorite teachers of the craft. Last night I was praised for getting the word of about the bibles from Shawn Robbins which as a new sorcerer, I think it is very awesome to be praised. Today I have the opportunity to stay in town or going back to the studio to work and I am going to head back to the house and work because I am on the skids. Also known as too much shopping this month. This morning I saw the holiday offering from #MacCosmetics which I believe to be a color story copy from #UrbanDecay – it’s a selection of single shadows that I already have. It’s called the #MoonDust palette. Anyhow, I got some serious work done which I’m very thankful for, Currently working skein number two or maybe three. While knitting, I was watching LivePD – when we had an actual live police situation outside twice. Some people are not a fan of neighborhood policing but as a resident of the township, I am definitely in favor! So I have been having a pretty productive day and hopefully more of the same tomorrow. I have a few comments to make about relationships and communication. I am happy to have been gifted the wireless charging station for my sleeping quarters and it’s been a wonderful thing because I can have my phone on the charger and focus on my knitting which apparently some people don’t think qualifies as a job but I have spun my hobbies into wonderful jobs even if I’m on a fixed income – It is not necessarily the business of any relationship partner / prospective partner because it’s just not his business if there has been no in-person meet up. Also as a which, I am not going to put any spells on anybody related to sexual problems. And that my sweethearts has been my day.

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